Update on RT3 Users and their computer specs

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Eastboy, Jun 14, 2001.

  1. Eastboy


    I would like all RT3 users to show and share what computer specs they are currently using. (And if the current specs are doing fine for the varoius programs they run daily, and if they would like to upgrade any particular component which they think may be a weak link to overall system performance)

    I am using the full RT3 package meaning I can have unlimited charts, L2 boxes, minders and so forth. - I usually open 1x L2box with time-sales ticker window, 2x 3min intraday charts;1 candlestick, 1 line, 6x daily 200 days charts, orderbook, position minder, 4x minders, symbol info, internal RT3 news window, a/c info. I also use Talnet, window's system performance, mirc.

    Intel PIII 866, 256k ATC slot type (X1)

    Intel 820 chipset supporting dual CPU slots

    512MB PC800 non-ECC RDRAM (2X256)-I am planning to migrate these 2 rimms to a future P4, perhaps when it reaches 2Ghz or more.

    Appian Graphics Jeronimo 2000 PCI 32MB (X3)

    NEC LCD1810 18.1 panel display (x4)- planning to add a 5th 19" CRT for IRC chatroom, Talnet and system performance monitoring.

    Altec Lansing ACS495 speakers

    Normal 104-keys keyboard, membrane type, hardwired via PS/2

    Normal 2-button scrolling mouse, mechanical ball type, hardwired via PS/2 (I try to avoid infra-red peripherals as well as optical mice)

    ADSL connection tested to be able to download upto 1600-1800kbps if the hosting server makes available b/w.

    HP Laserjet2100M for printing charts,etc.

    WinNT4 sp5 - I am not yet using win200pro because I know NT4 provides the effective memory management that RT3 critically needs, yet is leaner than w2k and uses less cpu cycles thus leaving more remaining cpu power fot RT3. I will consider w2k when i upgrade to P4 2Ghz or above.

    Thats my specs & thoghts above, what's yours?
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I use an Athlon 1.33 Ghz w/ 512MB of 266Mhz DDR SDRAM.

    For video, I use an Appian Jeronimo Pro running Viewsonic VPA150 Flat Panels.

    I'm running Win2k professional and recommend it over NT 4. I been using RealTick and other programs nonstop for months with no problems. In fact, I haven't rebooted this machine in about two months.
  3. Wirehead



    I admire your hardware. Those specs are good to know for my future upgrades. I had to reboot every 30 mins today with Win98SE. Trying to do too much with it and it runs out of resources. UPS man just delivered Win 2000 Pro this afternoon. I hope this solves my problems. Thanks for sharing your experiences.