UPDATE on Japanese bonds, they are real, Japan tried to dump in secret.

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    Clearly the government of Japan got caught red handed trying to dump U.S. Treasury Bonds because they no longer trust that the USA can pay its debts. When the issue blew up in their faces, everyone from Japan to Italy to the USA had to get together and lie about what was happening with the hope that other nations wouldn't start dumping U.S. Treasuries too.


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  4. That actually makes sense because there would be two parties that win in that situation. Japan who has no confidence in our dollar, sells to a nation that does have confidence in our dollar. Japan sells the bonds at a discount and unloads a hefty amount of them without panicking other nations, while the nation that buys doesnt lose their discount on the bond they purchase. In fact i could see how some politician could probably skim a few 100 million from this non-transparent transaction which in turn would mean that the politician is corrupt and doesnt even care whether or not the dollar goes up or down in value. All he knows is he bought 134 billion in bonds for say 132 billion in his countries money, he skims a billion, but puts that he paid 133 billion that he paid for the bonds on the books and pockets the other billion.

    No one would question the transaction because the country made a real profit from the purchase.
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