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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Seanote, Oct 2, 2003.

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    It's been almost a year since I posted my daily trades and commentary on this board and I had to search 5 different forums to find just a few names I recognized from the "old days". Gecko, AAAbeltway, chasinfla, marketsurfer... what happened to everyone??? Have they just moved on, or where they forced to quit the game? It might have only been 9 months ago now that I think about it. It's amazing how quickly this industry turns people in and out. I want to stop by and see how the old guys were doing, especially Mr. Subliminal... hands down the most appreciated voice on this board. For those of you who don't know who is, search for his archived threads and read through them. He is by far the most clever, comical "trader" this board has seen. Anyway, I'd like to know how some of you are doing these days with the p&l.
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    Tougher to make the nut compared to those days when I could break all trading rules and still come up net positive for the week. The discipline trader will only survive.
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    I along with all ET members in good standing, and of high moral standards, am shocked. To speak highly of a well known pervert, and moron, is without merit. I can only assume that you were under the influence of some illegal substance, or drunk out of your mind.

    To direct unsuspecting members to that nincompoop's so called Journal is outragious. I for one, call upon Magna to delete the thread before it corrupts unsuspecting readers, and sends them down the path of ruin.
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    I was wondering what happen to you I blow my account last summer and i am just getting back in this month with new money , i should have follow your trading then i hope you start a journal again it will be very beneficial to a lot of traders good luck (as i you need it)
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    My mind was and currently is in complete sobriety as my posts were made. It's unfortunate Ms. X that you can not appreciate Mr. Subliminal's sense of humor and uncanny ability to express his thoughts on paper which were welcomed and well received posts during a difficult time in the market.
  6. Seanote, great hearing from you again - I appreciate your kind words and would like to hear what you are up to. The players you mention are all very much here, and I'll let them account for themselves. As for myself, I moved to Las Vegas from NYC in April, necessitating a break from trading for the months before and after. During this time I had the opportunity to reflect on different trading styles, and am starting to experiment with systems and automation. When not trading, I can usually be found playing poker or doing my community service time.
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    OK, OK...just to show that there are no hard feelings, here is a link to the "journal:

  8. I would like to second that assessment of Mr. Sub :) Hope all is well with both of you...

    PEACE and good-specul8ng,
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    Now, is the community service time you serve voluntary or court ordered? Las Vegas... poker... no wonder why you have taken a break from trading. I'm heading that way in a couple weeks to test my luck at Texas Hold'em. After watching the World Series of Poker I have decided to play in next years tournament. I have rarely watched a movie twice or re-runs but I made it a point to watch the WSP finals 3 times. After my moderate success in local games and I have this disillusion that I can be the next Chris Moneymaker.

    I am still trading but I have cut back considerably since I opened my company. We were finally approved by the NASD a month ago and have been going full speed since. It took 10 months for everything to be approved and registered which was a paperwork nightmare. I thought the government moved slow... the NASD has twice the red tape now.
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    Good to hear you're still around. Just the other day I thought I'd go back and read your journal but "seagate" didn't even come up.
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