UPDATE 1-U.S. House approves placing curbs on executive pay

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D you believe that given the circumstances, most of these guys don't deserve a bonus

  1. Yes, they deserve a bonus even though they almost brough down the entire financial system

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  2. No they don't deserve a cent and should be glad to have a job. You kidding, right?

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  3. I don't know

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  4. I don't care

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  1. nitro



    "In spite of a dismal year on Wall Street, the report by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said bonuses paid at nine bailed-out banks exceeded some of the banks' annual profits."

    Incredible. What I don't understand is, how do you give these people all this taxpayer money, and then set down the terms? Are the people responsible for the oversight asleep at the wheel? Sheesh :confused:
  2. 1) 0-3-0-0. What did you expect?
    2) Politicians from New York can't oppose the industry if they ever expect to be re-elected again.
    3) There isn't enough "outrage" to do anything about "it" yet. :mad:
  3. Geez, the government is having a heck year as well as wall street:

    Who takes credit for leaving Bernie Madack unattended for years. Do we need to give this guy a bonus?

    What about the CRA folks? Do you all needs some pay raises to come up with more ideas how to bring banks to their knees in a few short years?

    Massive deficits in Washington. PAYGO, not working?? Need more money to get the numbers to work?

    Just a few ideas.
  4. "bonus paid exceeded annual profit"

    translation : FUCK YOU shareholders.

    So much for always putting the shareholder first, all is justified theory, championed by Wall Street. Hypocrites.
  5. Wow. Such clarity. How do you do it?

    Note to self: find the ignore button for this loony MB.