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Discussion in 'Trading' started by TonyOz, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. TonyOz


    Dear Fellow Traders.

    I wanted to bring to your attention a couple of events that might be of interest to you. I will be participating in both the EXPO in November in Las Vegas http://www.intershow.com/onlineexpo/Attendee/freeworkshops.shtml and in February in NYC http://www.onlinetradingexpo.com/

    In Las Vegas, I will be conducting a free session on Sunday at 8:00AM. However, what I want to accomplish through this thread is to organize a dinner meeting for the members of the board to take place on Friday Night. We can talk trading until the we go deaf :)

    In NYC, I will be conducting free seminars as well. 2.5 Hours on Sunday and Monday and two LIVE TRADING sessions on Tuesday. (This is still a "secret," I will give you more details when they become available). I would also like to organize a meeting for members of the board either on Sunday or Monday.

    If anyone is interested, please post here and depending on the demand, I will try to find a place that will accommodate our private meeting. I hope many of you including Baron can make it to either one of the events. Hitman, I count on you to be in the NYC meeting.

    I thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond to this post.
  2. Hitman


    Count me in :)

    I am absolutely honored.
  3. TonyOz


    WOW, what a game!

    Hitman, looking forward to meeting you.

    I suggest all those who want to attend email me tony@tonyoz.com

  4. exce26


    EXPO in November in Las Vegas
    Is it free?
  5. TonyOz


    Yes it's free. Check the link in first post.
  6. vinigar


    I'd be interested in seeing you at the one in NYC...also...in seeing many of the members of Elite Trader...Baron etc....will be watching for your updates for exact time and places.:)
  7. kempo


    I will 100% be able to attend all in NY.


  8. I will also be attending the expo in NYC. And I'm sure to everyone's delite, I (unlike Tony) will not be wearing a Speedo!:cool:
  9. I'm here this weekend, so take advantage of it, because next week, I go back to trading and poof I'll be gone from the boards -Tony Oz Elite boards 10/20/01

    Yeah right I just knew you could not stay away...now you're even starting your own threads!

    The Elite boards....they're like a drug though it's not like I've ever popped a Barney Video in for my 2 year old so I could dart into the home office to scan the boards for a few minutes.

    So count me in for NY. I was tentatively scheduled to guest speak with one of my trader/mentor friends but now he is waffling so maybe I'm just an attendee. But either way I will be there so will be good to meet every one as well.
  10. WarEagle

    WarEagle Moderator

    Its worse for me, I started on the short videos like Barney...but I've resorted to using longer distractions like Thomas the Tank Engine...what's next?...the animated version of Gone with the Wind???...Oh the insanity!! (twitch, twitch)

    Hello, my name is WarEagle and I'm an Elitetraderaholic.


    BTW, to keep with the topic, I was planning on attending the LV show, but something came up. I'm hoping to make it to NY maybe. It would be great to have Elitetrader meetings at these things.
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