Upcoming events of interest.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. OK, ATLANTA March 10 I'll be hosting FREE dinner/drinks/presentation with our Programming group, Zoe Trading. Exact venue will be posted soon. Bring your friends. Send email to donbright@brighttrading.net or PM me. I have about 25 already registered, room for another 25 or so.

    Similar agenda to this: http://www.stocktrading.com/fll2008.html

    CHICAGO MARCH 12/12 with Ben Lichtenstein for the Chicago Trading Experience.

    Video invite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwXGyojbCUs
    Details: http://www.tradersaudio.com/ctexperience.html

    Again, FREE dinner/drinks/presentation with Zoe Trading. Exact details posted soon. Please send email to: donbright@brighttrading.net or PM me. We have room for about 15 more at each location.

    Similar agenda to this: http://www.stocktrading.com/fll2008.html

    Thanks...hope to see you guys at one or more of the events.

  2. (Kind of "semi-private" note).

    You Atlanta guys who trade with "XXX" and "YYY" - You're welcome to join us for our event. You might want to see the latest software to enhance your trading wherever you actually trade.

    I've had traders from virtually everywhere join the events over the last few years. It's nice to hear what others are doing.

    I will be glad to meet with you privately as well (as a few have asked)....but go ahead and follow up your previous notes with an email if you want to attend. And, yes, even the managers are welcome, LOL.

    Anyway, hope to see you guys....

    (Same deal for Texas guys...had an enjoyable time with the Manager of Kershner last trip to Austin).

    I think it's nice to think of traders as part of a pretty small and tight knit community...not vicious competitors or anything... let's have some fun.

  3. Aw geez, thanks...If I new how to put up a blushing smiley, I would. And, yeah, I think there is enough hostility and anger in the world...we certainly don't need any more in the business we love.

    Don :)
  4. OK, thanks for the emails guys.....Before I lock up the Holiday Inn Downtown (Which was suggested by a couple of you guys)... just want to be sure that you all feel that is a decent place for access.

    March 10. Drinks starting around 5PM...Dinner at 6PM.... Conversations and trading presentations after that.....I have room or about 15 more at this point. Send email to donbright@brighttrading.net

    OK with everyone?


    (BTW, the guys who want a private type meeting...I'll be there ?Sunday night, and can meet around lunch time on Monday).
  5. Hi Don,

    Hopefully you have me down as one of the folks who has already registered for March 10th in Atlanta. Btw, I have a couple of friends who are also interested in attending. Do they need to e-mail you, or will this note suffice.


  6. Thanks Walter...sure, bring them along. An email with names would be nice. donbright@brighttrading.net

    95% sure we'll be at the Holiday Inn downtown.

    See you there...