Upcoming event : HIFREQ TRADE, London, 25th Februray 2010

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  1. http://www.hifreqtrade.invantage-group.com/

    HIFREQ TRADE event will explore the latest trends, solutions, and strategies within high frequency trading in order to support an ongoing discussion, sustain further development, and bring more light on the subject for involved professionals and keep them informed with the latest innovations in this rapidly changing environment.
    This event will be hosting leading experts involved in high frequency trading from the leading buy and sell side institutions, technology providers, venue representatives, regulators, independent consultants and academia to discuss latest strategies, network and explore business relationship opportunities. HIFREQ TRADE is further aiming to discuss current state of key areas, such as current regulatory affairs and its outlook, technology infrastructure best practices, latency, dynamic portfolio models, real time analysis, risk management, execution logic for HFT, pre and post trade transaction analysis, therefore HIFREQ TRADE is a must attend event for involved parties to keep track with lighting fast developments and changing environment of these technologies. Nevertheless, the profits it made during last year in the peak of financial crisis sparked the need for discussion of HFT strategies

    :D :D :D
  2. 1) Have people referred to the event as "High Freak" yet?
    2) There's no need for "discussion". People need to keep their mouths shut about those profits. :cool:
  3. It´s going to be a funny event. I bet there will be at least 20 attempts to define what "High Freq" actually is... :D
  4. actually, there are some interesting speakers you don't see presenting that often, especially from the hedge funds known for their involvement in high frequency trading, so I guess, it may be interesting discussion, even though opinions on it may differ, but at the end of the day, thats the case with majority things