Upadted Dual monitor problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bogan7, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hey there again I think I am close but am missing something.

    When I turn off the computer BOTH monitor come to life and appear to boot up XP but then as soon as it loaded the left side one powers down. This has really perplexed me and would appreciate any ideas how to fix this from the hardware buffs

  2. Above should say when I turn on not Off it has been a long day sorry

  3. During the boot process, I think a multi head card defaults into VGA resolution and both monitor outputs mirror the same "main" single monitor in VGA resolution... Then the card loads it's specific instructions for each monitor, which appears to cause your problem.

    Reading your previous thread, does your dell have a video driver integrated into the motherboard? If so, you may need to disable it in the bios setup, for it not to conflict with your new addin video card.

    Also take a look on control panel, system, hardware, device manager... then look for display adapter and make sure there are no errors on them.
  4. Thanks Big moose but I just sorted it this morning it was really simple one of the monitors was set to a much lower res which I found in the desktop properties after adjusting to same 1024x768 they now both work fine.