Up with Christians. Down with Jews.

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  2. Well she got that part right.

  3. What she said is standard Christian theology. Jews in the Old Testament lived under the Law, which was difficult. In the New Testament Jesus was sent to rescue them from the curse of the law and they were granted salvation if they believed in Him and accepted Him as Savior.

    Of course, Jesus was rejected by many Jews, then and now. To the extent Jews find any of this offensive or anti-semitic, I suggest they are being anti-Christian and bigoted themselves. What are Christians supposed to do, just deny the tenets of their faith so Jews are not upset? Deutsch is so ignorant, he didn't understand the way she used the term "perfected", which he seemed to infer implied that Jews were faulty or in need of fixing. Perfected in this context means to complete. It doesn't connotate that Jews are defective, only that they are attempting to live under a covenant that has been superseceded.

    I find it highly ironic that the biggest supporters of Israel in this country are Evangelical Christians, yet the biggest foes of Christians here are Jews, particularly politically active liberal Jews.
  4. The writings of Postle Paul have been accepted as the standard interpretation of what I taught...till this place in time.

    Ms. Coulter parrots it well.

    But the ultimate "agreement" [Testament] is about accepting the idea that everything is by agreement.

    Whatever seems to happen to you, it is by agreement.

    It can only be by agreement if there is a reality of oneness superceding all appearances.

    If by agreement, there is really no such thing as guilt or sin.

    The agreement is not "new".

    Only your awareness of it is "new".

    Going from zero awareness of it to full awareness of it there may be intermediate steps.

    These steps are "old" once the new is accepted.

    An intermediate step is to see others as the "same" as you.

    Laws and tribalism tend to cultivate the idea of sameness.

    For example, one law applies to all without partiality.

    But these are only symbols.

    Going beyond symbols of sameness, we eventually arrive at the idea of oneness, which is the law of love.

    In sameness, there is still this lingering idea that someone can do something to you without your permission. And if so, that one must be guilty of some sin.

    In oneness, you realize that no matter what the appearance, you but do these things to yourself.

    In short, it is but yourself you can crucify.

    No one can really do anything to you that you have not already done to yourself first.

    When this is fully realized, it comes to your awareness that there is no such thing as sin, and guilt is a hoax.

    What remains is universal innocence.

    So forgive.

    "Old" forgiveness says, "You did something wrong. But I'll have mercy on you for a price."

    "New" forgiveness says, "You've done nothing wrong. See, I have not been hurt at all".

    When I rose from the "dead" I sent the message that I was not hurt at all by what seemed to have happened against my will.

    By this I showed you how to forgive.

    Your own sense of innocence is dependant on seeing the innocence of others.

    This is according to the law of oneness.

    Through this practice, you will wash away the bogus feelings of guilt still buried in your subconscious mind.

    Once it is completely washed away, you will experience the effects of an innocent mind.

    An innocent mind cannot suffer.

    Innocence is your defense. It is the only defense that can work.

    And this is the "Atonement".

    Atonement is the process back to a full awareness that you are innocent via oneness.

    As an example, actors "agree" through scripts to do all kinds of things to each other in front of the camera.

    Are there "guilty" actors? If one actor shoots another, is the shooter "guilty"?

    The world is not diffrerent.

    It is a stage upon which actors have experiences.

    The world and the bodies that seem to walk about...these are all props.

    The props hide what's behind the scenes.

    This results in believable experiences.

    The audience experiences emotions when they can suspend their belief...believing in the actors.

    The props are all for the emotions...the experiences.

    The emotions/experiences are all a fantasy...a wish.

    When they are no longer wished for, the play is over, and all go home.

    This world is not your home.

  5. Jews have always been liberal! Truth to be said, Liberal American Jews were part of the safe guard against this country turning back to the Puritan ways.

    What I find interesting is that you define evangelicals or their cultic mentality as Christians; a thought that will petrify anyone from the main Christian denominations.
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    It speaks well for Christian nobility of character
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    Isaiah 34 seems to say that all nations (gentiles) will be judged and that judgement is death. Isaiah 45 seems to say that if they (the nations, or gentiles) turn to God they will be saved.

    Since this is old testament scripture, I would presume that practicing Jews, of which Donny Deutsch says he is one, believe these old testament passages. How is it they are allowed to believe these things and be tolerant, but Christians are not allowed to believe what Christians believe?

    Could it be that there are two sets of standards? One for liberals and one for conservative Christians? Just asking.

    Maybe the next time Mr Deutsch skewers a Christian, someone could kindly ask him this question.
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    Actually no -- it does speak well for a misguided belief in a twisted book of fiction however.

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    >...Christians are not allowed to believe what
    >Christians believe?

    Since when did Donny (or any other Jew that would matter) say that Christians are "not allowed" to believe something?

  10. Nonsense, the jews are not the foes of Christians (evangelicals or other denominations), the fact that they share Judeo/Christian values speaks for itself. That was a very stupid and baseless thing to say.

    As far as "politically active liberal Jews" are concerned - yes they may hate Evangelicals, just like politically active Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians of other denominations, Christian-born atheists, agnostics etc hate Evangelicals. In other words the politically active liberal left do hate Christianity and all other religions (except Islam of course) but singling out politically active liberal Jews the way you did is absurd. Frankly AAA I expected that from Pabst or Spect8or but I certainly did not expect that from you.

    BTW politically active liberal Jews tend to also hate Israel so I don't see a contradition or irony that they hate the biggest supporters of Israel in this country.

    And FWIW what Coulter said was idiotic but it certainly was NOT anti-semitic.
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