Up we go

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  1. all systems go

    dow end the day up 300 points (>150)

    go long now and ride it till the close



    dow up 120 for reference.


    now up 144..and surging

    looks like I'm right again..just like I was right yesterday about the bottom being in.

    What is great about my method is that is uses markov chains and price history dating back to October10th to make very accurate intra-day predictions.
  2. gonna go vertical now

    I decided to buy some riskier investments: SPY calls

    90.00 SWGBL.X 1.06 Down 0.12 1.05 1.08 25,563 105,385

    This one seems good

    I am going to make a killing

    Up even more

    8,107.03 Up 157.94 (1.99%)

    I am putting in up to $20K in call today a decent chunk of my portfolio.
  3. l2tradr


    Edited for accuracy.
  4. LOL
  5. oh snap..dow up 100 points since my post

    right again (as usual)
  6. closed at the daily high

    9000 soon :p
  7. Certainly looks like you're right again. Down 155 points at the moment.

    What a dumbass.