Up We Go The Rest Of Today, 2/5/09

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  1. The trend says we will move up several hundred points today.

    Thank the government for allowing investors to talk about relaxing mark to market rules. Once again, if you can't fix the problem just change the rules.
  2. Hahahaha now there is talk about the Senate voting on the stimulus bill today.
  3. yup the hype is starting to take shape for Obama's "Big Bang"
  4. The reason why the market is surging is because the stimulus bill will be inflated even more to include further tax cuts, bailouts, and other stuff so that it pleases republicans and passes in the senate. Ha the stimulus bill passed in it's form last week the market would be lower. The new bill will contain tons of stuff that wallstreet likes.
  5. The Senators know where their bread is buttered (hence the talk about MTM being removed when the final bill is done).

    Any wacko can get elected to the House (Maxine Waters comes to mind).
  6. Can the rally hold up through the job report tomorrow?

    That'll be a sick test.
  7. Um unless it's absolutely horrid...something like 8% unemployment the market will with 90% certainty go higher. It may open lower by 100 points, but it will regain it within 2 hours and end green.

    Bad news is being shrugged off.
  8. All rallies are to be sold.

    It doesn't get more simple than that.

    Good luck to stock_turd3r, who has only lost 90% of his monopoly money yet is spouting off like some confident expert with a track record of success.

    Delusion knows no boundaries with the Turder.

  9. Div_Arb


    Shit, you just HAD to come out with another prediction, didn't you? NOW the market will, with 100% certaintly, be sharply lower tomorrow. Way to go arsehat - why do you even bother?
  10. so why not fade it?
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