Up we go again?

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  1. I had posted a thread 3 days ago with the same title when ES was 871...got moved to Chit Chat and now deleted from ET. Not sure what qualifies for chit chat and what's trading...ES crossed 910+.

    Had a similar issue earlier when I said Indian NIFTY had made a top...got moved to chit chat as usual.
  2. Ahhh poor baby! :(

    I got a handkerchief for you, just hold on a minute, let me finish wiping first.
  3. No need...made my money.

    Just concerned that this forum doesn't allow meaningful discussion between traders.

  4. Merely posting "Up we go" doesn't qualify your thread for a "trading" discussion. If that's all you want to say, post it in one of the other threads that contain numerous trading factors.

    If, on the other hand, you'd like to support your one liner with some substantial backing, reasoning or analysis - maybe even a chart or something, then by all means go for it.

    I'll revisit in a day in hopes you've provided some support.
  5. You're worried about meaningful posts and you make this retarded one to cry about your other post.......sounds like you're an idiot
  6. Ivanovich,
    S/R is big enough reason for any trade. I made it clear that there was enough support all the way down to 850.

    I am not sure why you look for complicated analysis on each post...look at this thread and see your previous responses to my other threads:


  7. Five days in a row the $VIX has been declining - maybe six. We have powers-that-be influencing this market. This market does not behave like it should.
  8. 1) Ms. Market is always right. You can agree or disagree with her.

    2) Generally, market goes up, $VIX goes down and vice versa.

    Here's one idea on how to use $VIX. Use with caution at S/R levels.


  9. Have you guys looked at the $VIX chart today ?? It was unusual, it rose as the S&P rose - as if it was making sure the S&P did not get too crazy.
  10. Anybody have an explanation why the $VIX behaved unusually?
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