Up up and Away!!!

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  1. Market could be up 3% tomorrow and 10% by monday.

    I am already all-in as of 3pm. The time to buy is now, now now!

    By year end i will be up 28% as predicted experts on the S&P.
  2. I predict max pain for you in the coming days. Today was a bear market short covering rally. Did you look at the crap stocks that jumped?

    Notice the dollar is dropping tonight? Better hope the crude inventory report is positive tomorrow.

    A TON more puts were purchased at the end of the day than calls.
  3. A bullish two hit wonder.

    Is that you, Mr. McCain?
  4. Trust the experts! 28% up by year end. Buy now or miss the bull run.

    Tomorrow i will make thousands. By monday tens of thousands. By year end over a hundred thousand.

    Today was capitulation day.
  5. You are fking nuts just like Port. I saw no capitulation today. Hell the market was up for most of the day.
  6. all of asia going up tonight. mad scramble to buy stocks. olympics mania in china. europe will follow after.

    we will gap up tomorrow. mark my word. we will gap up and never look back.

    mucho mucho money. up up and away!
  7. OMG, HE is back, under a new handle :eek:

  8. ouchy..... ouchy.....ouchy :eek:

    fasten your seat belt for Friday..... we will lose altitude
  9. rayfan


    The timing doesn't feel right yet. I'm not seeing much bearish divergence. Also, this leg down has only lasted about 1.5 months, despite the worries that the world is coming to an end.

    However the turn around Tuesday, combined with high volume, may have unsettled the bears enough to set the stage for the eventual end of this downtrend. Let's see what volume looks like on the re-test of the lows...and I assume there will be a re-test.
  10. yes et has it right again, sell puts, buy calls....not me
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