up up and away (Part 2)

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  1. Don't fight the trend. The trend is UP.

    As I have said last night this market will gap up at open and never look back. Up 3% today and 10% by monday.

    Up up up up up 28% by year end.

    The olympics will fuel spending in Asia and greater global trade.

    At 4pm today I will post again and tell you to your face "i told you so".

    Buy Buy Buy!
  2. one bounce day make an uptrend?
  3. galiano


    Sure a bounce day means up up and away! Look at SPX daily and squint. Crystal clear :D
  4. allin


    Currently 10:20am

    Dow -11.48
    Nas - 8.28
    SnP - 1.41
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    mysharona2= stocktradr3
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  7. Up 10% by Monday???? What grass are you smoking? :p
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  9. Markets are only dwn a little after the huge rally yesterday. This is a very good sign because it means the sellsers and shorts are out of ammunition.
  10. LOL
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