Up and down , how to locate?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by couponjohn, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. There are a few stocks that go up and down all day long like EBAY for one. Any good search tools or screeners that can help locate more like these?
  2. JackR


    Do an ET search on scanners. Do not use the Windows-based ones of course, just Java:D

  3. Really like what type of information would you ask for in these scanners? Volume ? what to obtain info on these. Since java is SO SLOW Im sure it would give great results.:D
  4. JackR


    Scanners don't fit my trading style but since my style is turtle-like I have time to read ET during the market day. I've noticed talk about scanners. It generally refers to commercial products or sites/services, how well or poorly they work, etc.

    Sorry I can't help any further.
  5. TimP


    There are several scanning tools on the market. Features that you should look for are: (i) how many stocks can be scanned at once; (ii) whether the scanning parameters are customizable, and if so, for criteria that are important to you; and (iii) the freshness of the data processed by the scanning product.
  6. morph


    Not too familiar with stand-alone scanners, but MetaStock's "Explorer" can provide 6 columns of formula conditions for reporting/ranking and also has a "Filter" column where you can define several different screening conditions.

    Your "reports" would then only show you stocks that met the Filter criteria (If defined). You can also define conditional statements in each column and you will receive a 1 or a 0 depending on if the condition is true or false in that column in the report.