Up 20% YTD, is that good?

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Is being up 20% YTD in FY2008 a good return?

  1. The market is down 10%, so it's an exceptional return

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  2. I've returned greater than 20% this year.

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  3. Just being up this year is an accomplishment.

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  1. Hey, guys, if you're wondering where my proof is you can visit my profile. By my estimation I'm up 20% YTD in FY2008. Just wanted to view the poll to get people's reactions.
  2. 20% and you're rocking! Good job!
  3. Investing, yes. Daytrading, no way.

  4. you need to indicate at least the account size to make this poll meaningful.

    20% return on 10K account is not the same as 20% return on 10M or 10B accounts.
  5. Yes, I should have clarified. I manage 40mm which is mainly retirement assets. I'm up a little over 250bps ytd.:(
  6. "Just being up this year is an accomplishment."
  7. Please don't construe this as an advertisement. It's not really for sale, but is a nice bit of proof that I can trade.

    <a href="http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/systems.mpl?want=p&systemid=25716110">
    <img src="http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/badge.mpl?systemid=25716110">

    I estimate you can get the same exposure with the maximum amount of contracts on ND, namely 1000 of them on a hypothetical $50 million account. The link is just demonstrating $150k from the start of this year.--

  8. A curious response Swordsman. I'm more of a position trader. I have tried daytrading models in TS, but I didn't find my Wealth-Lab backtests were valid when I started trading them there. I then swore off minute, hourly, and any other intraday time-frame.
  9. I appreciate it! I've been down a little over 100bps too this year:( and am performance-based.

    Thank God for Puts!
  10. ScapGF


    Up 20% by itself doesn't mean anyting unless you attach a standard deviation to those returns or any other metric of risk.
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