Unveiling A Method!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lundy, May 28, 2003.

  1. lundy


    In this thread, I will unveil a method I have discovered for analyzing the market.

    I'll start by saying that according to my method, the NDX has just topped at 1182 with an error margin of 2 points. The target for a pull back will be between 850 and 800.

    I am not taking any positions here, and I am unveiling this method for analyzing the markets for my own reasons.

    The method has to do with patterns. I'll put together a little tutorial on it and post with pictures and all.
  2. Go on then you clown!
  4. lundy


    i'm putting the material together, trust me it will be good.

    the reason i started the thread before i had everything together is because i wanted to post it as the market topped for a dramatic effect.

    the point is indahook, that there is no point...
  5. call looks good so far.
  6. looks good. Do not let yourself to be distracted by local dodo birds.
  7. Thats good enough for me...lets see your stuff.
  8. lundy


    I have to use esignal to post the examples... because I am more familiar with it. I can't use esignal until after the close cause a friend is using it.

    So i will post a chart.... we'll see if anyone can see the obvious pattern unfolding.
  9. Let's hope this method is REALLY good or REALLY stinks. I find that systems that blow, can be inverted and used profitably.
  10. TGregg


    So you can't afford esignal, but you are going to pass on this trade based on an "obvious" pattern - when it would make you well over six thousand dollars per contract??
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