Unveiled: China's 245mph train service is the world's fastest... completed in just 4

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    Completed in just 4 years, this is to show those with head stuck in the sand that Shorting China is only CNN and FOX news not reality.

    Obama would like nothing more than that you believe how we are still number 1.

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  3. This is symptomatic of America. It's quite sad really.

    Reminds me of the 2008 Olympics, saw on the US media that you yanks were procliaming to have won? It turns out that you use a different calculation method to the REST OF THE WORLD!! You'll do anything to maintain that charade of superiority.
  4. And interesting thing about history is that you can't see it as it happens.

    When we look back in 2015 we'll have a better idea of which 2010 stories were important. Will this one be?

    And if it is will it be an early sign of how great China became. Or will it be Nero fiddling?
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    Don't kid yourself, America and Europe have given the World A LOT, of knowledge and progress. No one can deny that.

    The problem is that Americans have lost the control of their government. US government has become corrupted by Bankers by the name of Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller
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    this is nothing great. the US has always had the ability and technology to build high speed rail systems (well before any other country in the world). it's just that we are rich enough to afford air travel, which is much faster.
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    yeah you just continue believing that.........right till the end :p :cool:

    we do have the technology but we ain't got the money

    Next time you pay tax, ask yourself where does YOUR money go ?

    Afghanistan (they are bribing Taliban not to attack)
    Goldman Sachs salaries and bonuses
    Countless military projects
    oh and also, too big to fail banks :p
  8. Air travel is a pain in the ass with all the checks. High speed rail would be much nicer.

    We neither have the money or the capacity for high speed rail.

    We are busy rebuilding Iraq,Afghanistan,Haiti's infrastructure.
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    Correct. And if Amtrack's service in the Northeast corridor (which is a good service), can't show a profit, then why bother putting billions into other parts of the country?

    Once again...and again...and again...a waste of our taxes. The money would be much better spent expanding and improving airport facilities and efficiency. Or, putting the money into local rail within metro areas, not between cities that can be served by air.

    Cross-country train travel is not secure, either. Explosives can be put anywhere along the thousands of lines of rail. Much easier to do than taking down an aircraft. Just imagine sitting on a train running at 150 MPH hitting a track that's just been taken out. And when was the last time you saw a seat belt on a train?

    A disaster waiting to happen.
  10. China has good cheap domestic air travel too. I backpacked through China for 2 months flying to the most obscure locations, usually on a lark, purchasing the ticket the day before for pretty good prices.
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