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    Keep your eye on this little gem!

    Univec, Inc. (UNVC) Univec a specialty pharmaceutical company, announces it has completed the R&D for its Nicotine Replacement Patch. Univec anticipates product production by the end of next quarter. Univec's Transdermal Delivery system enhances bioavailability, minimize pharmaco-kinetic peaks, improves tolerability and dosing, increase patient compliance, and continuous delivery. .

    David L. Dalton, President and CEO of Univec stated. " We are delighted to continue making progress in our new business model. " Over the last decade deaths due to smoking have increased drastically. Over 45 million people smoke worldwide, 70% of the people would like to quit. 440,000 deaths each year is caused by smoking. City, States, Federal agencies recognize the need to stop this and are providing financial assistance and Quitline programs and products. We feel that our products will be one of the solutions. "