Unusual Volume Drop

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sammybea, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. sammybea


    Is the market waiting for some data or something? I have never seen such soft volume, even for lunch.
  2. regough


    I quite agree- is it even open. . . . . . . . . :confused:
  3. that guy on TV talking about preparations for a terrorist attack scared everyone makes it look like an attack is imminent... but it was thin yesterday too not like today though
  4. Everyday seems to be a tad lamer than the previous, with a few exceptions.
  6. Great chart.

    Just checked my TS6 for that capability -- and I have it!

    Been using TS6 for years and never realized I could get that chart.


  7. so imagine that we are in war with Iraq. The probability of retaliation via a terrorist attack will only get bigger. What will this do to the volume? I am scared to even think about it.
  8. it is uncertainty not risk what pushes volume down, thanks to our "friends" from the axis of weasel we are in gridlock and nobody knows what happens next
    not knowing is worse for the market than knowing, risk is easily digested by hedgers and speculators.
  9. taodr


    The British Government has today advised it's citizens to leave Iraq.
  10. tick tock tick tock
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