Unusual trading books for sale

Discussion in 'Trading' started by polkajohn, Feb 18, 2004.

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    why they are "unusual"?
  3. find me Steidlmayer's "Master Class" and I'm all ears...
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    With steller reviews like these, I can see why you're stuck with them.

    "Reading this book was torture"

    "I wasted my money on it, because it put me to sleep"

    "By the time I finished part two, feeling I'd gained nothing out of those 186 awful pages"

    PS. You might contact Harry Trader here at ET, he is always looking for wavelets.
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  7. It is mindboggling how much useless information is out there.
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    I have that first book and it's not as bad as the reviews would seem... and it's 5 bucks on the US Amazon.