Unsupported Ninjatrader Programming

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else has tried something like this before - I need to connect to external sources from NT/C# through APIs and create some unsupported functionality that NT does not have. Anyone tried something like this before?
  2. sounds like you better off targeting an open source platform in c# for this.
  3. Trivial to do as long as those sources are pull not push, otherwise the threading nature from Ninja comes back to haunt you, mostly as Ninja is written by people without in depth programming knowledge and has no invoke mechanism to move from an external thread back to the main thread. CAN be handled, though, but it is a little tricky (that is little - if you know the .NET injards it is trivial).

    THAT SAID - Ninja is a program defined by problems, so a lot depends on what you plan to do.
  4. This is what I had in mind: Have Ninja write some values to a text flat file, then have another C# program running in VS 2010 pick up those values and sign onto another site and do something else. Thats it. Should be accomplishable.
  5. Trivial. Writing to text files in ninja has tons of examples. The other program, btw., will not be "running in VS 2010" - that woudl be idiotic, that would mena you always run it in the debugger ;)
  6. can you advise of a alternate solution? amibroker?
  7. No, using our own inhouse / Partner codevelopped application for trading.
  8. well imagine yourself as us... thats not a choice... its NT amibroker meta multi tradestation sierra or. .. wealthlab... starting out its tough to take direction when you are new and dont know what will make the differenece in the long run...
  9. There are examples of the "writing-a-text-file-from-NT" part on the NT support forum ...
  10. imho google open source trading
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