Unsolicted phone calls from boiler rooms

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Visaria, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Visaria


    I'm often contacted by boiler rooms. Just had one today, something about carbon credits.

    I like to take the piss out of them, before hanging up.

    What suggestions do people have for dealing with such calls?
  2. You can register your phone number on the do not call list...

  3. Visaria


    Haha, i'm in the UK, so no use.

    But i don't mind the calls, i just want suggestions on how to really take the piss out of the caller.
  4. hughb


    I worked in a boiler room about twenty years ago and the younger guys would start prank calling anybody who "tried to take the piss out" of them as you say. They would even get the number of a local pizza place and have a pizza sent to them. You could be in for a battle, have fun.
  5. Visaria


    Nah, i've had loads of boiler room calls, luv taking the mickey out of those pricks. Bunch of fooking conmen, preying on unsuspecting investors.

    Wouldn't mind if they turned up at my office or home, my cricket bat could do with some use.

    As for unsolicited deliveries of pizza, I don't think that works anymore.
  6. Brass


    Do what Seinfeld does. Tell him to give you his number and that you'll call him at home at around supper time.
  7. Visaria


    I like that.

    The last one who called me used a mobile phone, so i have the number of the mobile he rang from. Perhaps i should order pizza for him?
  8. Hang up without saying a word. Even better, set the phone down, walk away and let them waste their wind on the pitch that no one is listening to......

    Give it a few weeks. Word will get around.

  9. I always prefer stringing them along. Usually tell them I've only got about 250K laying around for "speculative" stuff, but if it really takes off I can get my hands on another 500K or so. Might take a week. Just keep jerking their chain without ever really committing. At some point I'll walk over to the toliet, put the phone near it, and give it a flush. Hang up at that point.
  10. Visaria


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