UnSkewedPolls.com: Romney 321ev, Obama 217ev

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    A blowout if the rebalanced polls are correct. And, well it should be.

    President: Romney 321, Obama 217

    Senate: 53 Republicans, 47 Democrats

    House: 253 Republicans, 182 Democrats

    Governor: 34 Republicans, 16 Democrats

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  4. Quotes from unskewedpolls.com"

    "The bizarre world of Nate Silver's voodoo political predictions (new 10/30) "

    "Barack Obama can not defeat Mitt Reagan (new 10/29)"

    "Obama Humor -- Enjoy while you still can (new)"

    Now that's trenchant analysis undergirded by sound statistical

    Keep drinking your kool-aid boys. Come Wednesday morning after Election day, the night after Mitt concedes to Barack, you losers can start fantasizing about 2016, although LEAPup might need shock treatment to reboot his stunned and heartbroken reptilian brain. And come 2016, Mitt will still be using "Just for Men" and he might be a flaming libtard by then.

    Don't worry, Barack will still cut you your welfare checks even though you are useless retards. You are a hypocritical self loathing brood, a lucky group that a rich country has supported for too long. In the true state of nature, your gene pool would have disappeared 6 generations ago.
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  6. Are you talking to your fellow libtards? You seem a bit delirous. The "wards of the state" ALWAYS vote Democrat, so you might want to re-direct your little tirade about welfare checks.
  7. The libturds are wetting their beds at the thought of having to get off the dole if their savior loses. :p
  8. I dumped polling data as of Sunday (mostly from RCP) for each of the states and DC and their respective electoral votes into a sim I wrote and ran 100K national elections. Got a 15% chance of Obama getting 217 or fewer EVs and a 25% chance of him getting 237 or less BUT I doubt the polls I used capture the extent to which people are fed up and how strong the ABO turnout will be. In other words, I think he'll do worse than this indicates.

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    I think the key will be turnout.

    A lot of 2008 Obama voters will probably stay home. Many voted in 2008 for the first time, and not just because they reached voting age.

    I mean really, who can get excited about 4 more years of this?
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