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    bomb explodes in oregon bank!!?? hmmm
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    i have seen posts before saying this.. is this true??? can anyone confirm this:confused:
  3. weld, actually there's something to that.
    Seems USNORTHCOM has stationed some 20K soldiers here in the US. Very different game plan for the Pentagon, but the orders do come from Congress and apparently the WH too.


    In old west movies, the Sheriff always rounds up a "Posse" to go get the bad guys. Well, that evolved into a law against the Federal Military having ANY jurisdiction on US soil.
    Not anymore.
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    I can confirm it, I heard it from Glowy
  5. I did a little poking around on the interweb and found that Northcom does have a domestically deployed force. Google "vigilant shield" for information regarding recent exercises. Northcom has a very nice informative web site http://www.northcom.mil

    Here's some interesting reading regarding the Posse Comitatus Act. Scroll down to the section entitled Homeland Security.