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    nitro :mad:
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    It was the RPT at work. (Rally Protection Team) This was set up by the Democrats who don't like to see the rich get richer.
  3. lost some money, eh? :D

    question for guys like Def -- if you are doing index arb against stocks, what happens?? i know little about this, but what do you do (besides lose money :D ) when your stock trades are not broken but your futures trades are?? thanks in advance!!
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    - you just know these fat finger "mistakes" on ES and YM are not accidents. Someone has probably got it figured out with cross-bets in other futures, stocks and options so that even if trades are busted in one index, they make money.

    Perhaps ES and YM need some kind of one-minute mini-circuit breaker whenever the futures exceeds cash by an amount that occurs less than 5% of the time.

    Pit contracts have this one-minute delay all ready built-in as floor traders put their hands down and let their jaws drop when they see something way out of the norm.
  5. Nitro-

    That is lame. Sorry to hear they decided to rob you today.
    I've noticed in the past "they" are a lot more quick to bust
    trades in the E-mini S&P than the Nq.
    Oh, well such is the game...



  6. Jeffo


    No I'm just making fun of the people who believe in the PPT.
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    Nah, probably al Qaeda or North Korean traders raiding our market.
  8. Another CONSPIRACY THEORY down the tubes again!

    Or was today a Holiday shortened session, and they forgot to tell me???

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    What upsets me is that even though IB's bulletin is timestamped at 16:05:08, the bulletin bar in my TWS didn't start flashing until about 16:13:00.

    Oh yeah, their quotes on one of my TWS were behind Qcharts again, and then they disappeared completely. I made some ES and NQ trades by looking at the quotes on the other TWS, which seemed fine.

    What's up with that???
  10. BFD so you gotta give back the 20 bucks you made whoo hoo hoo
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