Unpresidented VIX Spike Suggests A Positive Week Ahead

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, May 9, 2010.

SPY Next Week

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  1. let's ignore the fact that VIX is at 40, the level that is seldom reached. focus only on Fri changes: SPY -1.5%, VIX +25%. This is a major dislocation, especially considering the extreme VIX level before this last jump. This level of fear jump would have been relevant if SPY dropped 5-10% on Fri.

    The fear may be due to the weekend anxiety. I am guessing whatever the news over the weekend it will be much more benign than what market is expecting. Therefore, it is very reasonable to expect the coming week to be green.
  2. Illum


    If it is green, so many bears will be in pain it will be very green.
  3. Hang gliding in a hurricane may be fun for some.

    I'll take a pass, and keep working on my storm shelter, thanks very much.
  4. It could very well be green, however Thurs. action was a warning. Green shoots?
  5. I have no idea... All I know is that "unpresidented" is the most awesome new word I have heard in a long long time!
  6. LOL!
  7. :D :D :D

    sorry, it was late and engleesh is not my 1st language. :)
  8. Good to see you back I thought for sure the sequence of threads had ended and that Shortie was dead.

    Remember, remember, remember......that is the hint----------The low was May 6th remember, remember, remember. The market ALWAYS remembers.

    Hint the low May 6th. Remember, remember, remember

    Just a guess. What does anyone really know.

    Long Live Longie!!!
  9. What do mean? We all knew what “unpresidented” meant. It meant that if Obama had shot his mouth off to calm the markets (when the VIX was lower) there would not have been a spike in the VIX.
  10. maybe obama knows that the market is still overvalued. he does not want his credibility tarnished by making bad calls. i will load up on stocks and sit on them the moment obama says to buy like in 2009.
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