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  1. I am interested in working for a trader as an unpaid assistant for the educational value of the experience. I live in LA where the trading community is relatively small and could use some direction as to where would be the best places to come in contact with career traders who may appreciate this mutually beneficial proposition.

    Any ideas?
  2. What skills do you bring to the table?
  3. Science background- biotech/regulatory
  4. Science background- biotech/regulatory
  5. learn to write code/program/excel/VBA etc then you can add value to a trader.

    why not contact a trading firm in LA? and see if they have novice program vs being an unpaid assistant. Traders typically do not have assistants like a broker would. A trader has back office support (accounting, IT, compliance) but those are only contacted when needed and the cost is included into the commissions/trading LLC agreement.
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    Take this online test and post a screen shot of your score.

    Trader IQ Test: Pattern Recognition
  7. I love these things!

    Did you suggest this as a general measure of aptitude or is it known that pattern recognition test are a good indicator of the cognitive abilities relevant to trading?

  8. thanks Cactus, learning to write code is good advice, and I'll have to give the "automated trading" forum a run through
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    IMO, it measures the trait that matters at least in trading. Being able to recognize patterns is important in discretionary trading and for developing an exploitable edge in trading. Critical thinking skill and good judgment is also important but I'll just assume you have that.

    Since your score is similar to mine, you may be smart enough to use my method of trading. Here is an ad I put in for it:

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    I already have the funds I need to start, but I'm still looking to raise more capital. If you're interest, PM me and I'll send you a short description on how I trade so you can decide if you want to trade my style.
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