Unofficial TWS bug thread

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TWS_Beta_Tester, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Eight


    I have not noticed the TWS freeze at all. I swear it pays to be behind a firewall that only allows the url's needed for trading. I never have any problems with the trading computer. It is only opened up to IB and Ninjatrader for the license check. You guys could very well be getting a virus targeted at TWS, it's not beyond imagination.. beyond likely maybe but I even worry about the territory between likely and not impossible, if you can take care of something, do it..

    I was having a problem the other day where I found that if I set the order type default to market it acted funny when I modified it to a stop order before sending anything.. I started another thread and decided that I could not be sure it was not my fault.. still... today, I have the default as market and the problem is not there at all...
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  2. Bob111


    PnL for corp bonds in TWS incorrect for YEARS. they basically just display current value of position in unrealized PnL, in account window. average prices(mean intial price for position) is zero.
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  3. Bob111


    894? already? it's like 3 builds in 3 weeks. 893a, then b, now!
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  4. pspr


    If you are getting quote freezes and re-logins try disabling the charting part of TWS if you don't use it. Yesterday TWS asked if I wanted to disable charting since I hadn't used it. After checking "OK" all quote and other freezing in TWS dissappeared.

    I think charting can be manually disabled in the "feature section".
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  5. Eight


    The whole TWS app is butt ugly but those charts.. jeez.. I'd pay for Tradestation just to not have to do ugly all day, how could anybody use that thing? Ninjatrader is free and has charts that are.. well compared to TWS they are a dream.. compared to Tradestation they are blah but still the price...
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  6. moarla


    i think 95% aof IB traders use other software programs for charting.
    (me Ensign)
    charting was an additional from IB, but noone uses them.
    So go on in your live, everyone knows that IBs harts are sh....
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  7. Thanks for the suggestion about turning off charts. I've switched them off just in case it could affect me.

    Agreed re using a front end. I like Sierra Chart but Ninja and Ensign are other sound alternatives.

    TWS itself is a good backup if you catastrophically lost your charting and order entry apps ... but that's all it needs to be for most customers.
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  8. TraDaToR


    Hello guys,

    I'm on 893.9 currently and noticed a few weird things while papertrading with the API( DDE ): Untransmitted orders, bid or ask that takes 2 seconds to reappear when one is lifted...

    Has someone noticed the same things on papertrader? Production accoutn is working fine on the other hand( for this matters ).

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  9. gangof4


    i'll try disabling charts and see if the problem goes away.

    btw, you guys using sierra and the others, is your data feed into them IB or a 3rd party vendor? if you're using IB for data, do you find that it lags in filling in the charts? what i mean is that you might have a volume spike in the 1 minute bar that doesn't show up until a minute later when it goes back and fills in that missing data on (the now) previous bar. obviously a problem when volume is one of your indicators...

    thanks for all the input...
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  10. gangof4


    hey Kiwi.

    when did you start trading the HSI again?

    yeah, that drop was puzzling. i was looking at my news feeds trying to figure wtf was making everything drop. it was weird, cause HK dropped like a rock right away and the NK delayed a bit, as did the others. the ES didn't drop in the way asia did, so i didn't believe it was chrysler- esp. since that news was no shock to anyone. i'm just glad TWS didn't wait another 2 minutes to unfreeze, as i nailed the bottom (10 points from it- better lucky than good...) and caught almost 100 points on the ride back up. usually these type of things have ended ugly for me, so it was nice to dodge a bullet for a change.

    good trading to you...
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