Unofficial TWS bug thread

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TWS_Beta_Tester, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. nassau


    the last few days when we logged in some of our positons had no average price.
    today I personally have logged in several times and we have no average price on certain positions.
    the funny thing is each time I log in the average price issue moves. first on some nq stock, 2nd was futures, no back to stocks.

    good luck today to both longs and shorts

    #41     Apr 28, 2009
  2. Bob111


    i told them about this issue right after forced update. from that time i have no avgprice, no Qty, no PnL, no Total pnl on API page. now looks like same thing spreads on TWS "main" pages too.
    #42     Apr 28, 2009
  3. I have noticed that the horizontal volume @ price in BookTrader are not updating properly if at all.
    I have reported this to IB via email with pictures and several phone calls.
    After being tossed between Tech Support and Customer Service I was told that the problem was replicated and that it will be escalated to the programmers.

    Let's see how long will it take to resolve this problem whaich apparently was solved with version 878.
    I guess it was UN-RESOLVED in 893 and maybe even 892.
    Another data updating problem is the PRICE HISTOGRAM volume bars on the charts. These don't update either.

    I wonder if this is a bandwidth problem or a programming issue? I am leaning towards programming issue.

    If anyone found a solution to this please let us know what it is.
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  4. nassau


    anyone else experiencing problems with gtc orders being cancelled. It is happening random sometimes, stocks, options or the futures?
    end of day a few of the traders trades were cancelled and it turned orange vs red as normal or the gtc just disappear and when we log back in the are back?

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  5. gangof4


    for the past 2 weeks i have had 5 or 6 instances where as i enter (ie: click) to buy or sell, TWS freezes. it comes back on its own in 90 seconds or so (ie: doesn't require restarting program. nothing on the computer freezes except TWS.

    the real bitch is that it DOES send the order. it has cost me a few hundred up til last night, when the timing couldn't have been worse (HSI dropped 150 points during the freeze)- cost me about $900. granted, not the $14m a TWS error cost me last march, but still painful to lose $ due to software.

    it ONLY freezes when entering an order. anyone else experience this? using 890.6 (which was the consensus 'last stable build' among ET users when they forces us all to downgrade from our older more stable builds they quit supporting).
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  6. wjk


    Yes. When I'm getting ready to enter, I click the bid or ask price and wait for the order to come up. That’s when my freeze occurs. When the order finally appears, I check the hot keys and make sure everything is working. My freeze ups have only been 10 to 20 seconds and only seem to happen when I haven't been active in the box for awhile. I didn’t have them with the older TWS. They pretty much occur every day, so I occasionally click boxes in the TWS once my plays are on to keep the gears greased in case I need to make a quick getaway.
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  7. Mine's good (890.6 on java 1.6.0_13) although I almost never enter orders via TWS direct interfaces (orders from Sierra Chart). Never seen delays via the api. I also lost money on the drop yesterday ... went long and then 1:30 later it was all bad.
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  8. they are tempting me with 894 build:

    "# The Realized P&L calculation for fields in the trading window now uses the correct average price to calculate cost basis. Previously, it used yesterday's closing price for any position that was carried over from the previous day."
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  9. Obviously it would be better if they fixed the order freeze bug, but since you're more likely to get a bailout from the gov't than see that as a workaround you could try keeping a second instance of TWS open (using the second logon IB gives you) and use that when the first TWS freezes. Assuming they both don't freeze.
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  10. Sounds nice. How long has that bug been there -- 6 months? It's also likely it will display the avg price for your last position in the high or low of the day.....I get less and less confident in them with every build.
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