Unofficial TWS bug thread

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  1. Bob111


    well i've tried them all from 885 to 893.5..they ALL have different issues. serious ones..Dav from IB can confirm this,if my whining is not convincing enough..i have no idea how much you trade, but i have substantial amount of money with IB(enough to be retired today) and i don't like the glitches such as routing one i mentioned before. should be no problem, if you trade few times a year...

    ps...some bond prices requested via API return actual price x 10 from TWS ..nice
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  2. pspr


    I experienced a problem using Bracket Trader today with the TWS api. My limit order to take profits on a trade would not execute. I tried changing the price and even tried canceling the order in TWS which didn't seem to work either. I finally called IB to close my trade.

    I noticed afterwards that in the log that my limit order and any changes were "rejected" even though TWS was showing them as active. I also noticed that “Use negative numbers to bind automatic orders” was checked in the api settings. I've removed the check mark and I hope that was what was causing the problem. I'd hate to think some of my resting orders are getting rejected without knowing about it.
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  3. Yeah I posted that in order to help traders like yourself that might experience this glitch, but I got my wrist slapped by BT for making this public so apologies to BT.

    BT provide an excellent service and hats off to them.
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  4. i also suffer from the "fear of upgrades" syndrome. each time i upgrade, i get a new set of problems. it's like they trade some old bugs for new ones.

    the current problem i have is where the 'account' screen sometimes appears behind the main tws screen. it seems to be randomly triggered by pressing alt-tab. i noticed when the problem happens, there's a 'ghost' of the account screen -- the alt-tab window shows 2 account windows when there should be none. it's as if tws didn't properly terminate the window.

    their answer to everything is "please upgrade to the latest". duh, that's how i got the problem in the first place!
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  5. This appears to be a new "feature" in TWS 893.8.

    Workaround: Manually retract the TWS bottom edge so that the taskbar is shown. Windows will remember this setting.
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  6. Thanks for responding. I thought I had messed up my settings and did this by accident.

    btw, what a horrible feature. What are these developers thinking????
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  7. Bob111


    i have this few times also.reported to IB.
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  8. Bob111


    looks like they don't..yesterday i was trying to look at my trades from last Thursday, but when i check Thursday box on trades window-nothing happens..this is because brainless developers can't understand, that when i click on Thursday-i mean past Thursday, not from future...
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  9. I always have the taskbar set to autohide, is there a reason to waste screen space and display it all the time?
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  10. Are you saying that there are people out there who don't have the task bar set to autohide and always on top?

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