Unofficial TWS bug thread

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  1. Bob111


    freezing,lagging charts are very old issue. exists, since IB add them to TWS.( we don't really need them and never ask for it).. QT is still around and it's free..bugs free too..
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  2. I actually like some of the changes they've made, like to BookTrader for instance. And although it makes no difference to my trading, I like the way the looks of TWS have evolved.

    But I have to say, with 893.5 I'm having a problem. Every day when I open TWS it opens BookTrader on ES in a detached page. No problem there. But the other day I also opened BookTrader on NEM, then minimized it on my toolbar. Later, I looked at where NEM was and noticed the last price was not updating. The bid-ask were moving. But the last was not changing. So I opened up BookTrader on it that had been minimized on toolbar, and suddenly the last starts updating. Weird.

    The next day I do the same thing with SPY. Minimize the BookTrader on the toolbar. ES BookTrader was already open. SPY stops updating last price in TWS, but bid/ask are moving all over the place. Bring BookTrader up from the toolbar, and suddenly last price starts updaing on TWS and on BookTrader.

    I called IB technical department. Very polite by the way, no delays getting through. First they have me delete temporary files in java. That didn't work. Then they have me upgrade my Java to the lastest 1.6 version 13. That didn't work. Then they had me create a new jts file. I thought that was going to work, but no, it didn't.

    I haven't called back at this point...but today everything is funciton fine, but I don't have these BookTraders open and minimized on my toolbar on NEM or SPY. Everything is updating properly.

    In other words, there is some type of bug introduced when the BookTrader is open but minimized in that the last trade is not updated. That's a problem if you're looking at a chart run from IB data.

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  3. Take it all back...I had it happen today without the BookTrader open and minimized. The quotes on SPY froze in terms of last sale. It's the only one right now that seem to freeze. But opening BookTrader cleared the problem up. LOL!

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  4. Are you actually old, or did all the TWS bugs cause you to age prematurely? :D
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  5. maybe i have problems because i am using an old TWS and/or Java but i am afraid to upgrade and be forced to deal with MORE problems.

    my problems is that the Last Trade quote freezes. i trade US stocks and often while bid/ask are updated normally the Last trade price is frozen for minutes if not hours. Last price may unfreeze sporadically and freeze again on the same day. There are days when it works fine.

    I am using 885.7 July-25-2008 build, Java 1.6.0_10-rc
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  6. Try opening a BookTrader up on the stock(s) in question, see if that causes the last price to update and work normally. Let me know how it works.

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  7. pspr


    I'm having the same problems with the 892.9 stand alone version. Emini quotes stop several times an hour and orders can't be entered until they start updating again.

    I've turned off firewall and antivirus to no effect. I think the problem is the IB server or TWS.
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  8. zdreg


    please speak for yourself. I like the upgrades. if you don't why don't you go to MB. lucrum gave a solution . why all the whining?
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  9. zdreg


    I am satisfied with the charting and like everything under 1 roof. if u don't like the charting don't use it. they added a new useful feature this morning which shows with a line on the chart an order entered away from the market. be grownup find a build u like. if not follow your own advice what to do.
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  10. Bob111


    i have accounts with IB and MB and TD and many others..the reason for whining is pretty much explained above...
    everywhere you click on IB's TWS-there is something i said-it is only a matter of time, until their risk model or some other glitch will f** you up..
    be happy that we all(myself included) working for you and wasting our precious time on this shit..
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