Unofficial TWS bug thread

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  1. A notorious bug which plagued a number of TWS versions in 2007 may be back!

    Prices may temporarily freeze and not be updated without warning in TWS 893.5. It happened to mine five times within one hour. Thankfully, my second computer doesn't run TWS 893 and I spotted the problem.

    P.S. I'm not an IB employee, just another long-suffering TWS user (and reluctant, unpaid TWS beta tester).
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  2. And as a beta tester (unpaid), you reported this problem to IB. Correct?
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    you're kinda missing his point. as IB customers, we are ALL unpaid beta testers because they clearly don't actually make sure shit works b4 releasing it to our P&L's.

    as to reporting bugs to IB- good luck with that. as anyone who has called IB with problems will attest, your connection, computer, 3rd party front end, locust... iow, anything is to blame BUT IB. they'll tell you to submit a trouble ticket and that ticket will never receive a reply. this policy makes it so we eventually jsut give up on the useless endeavor of filling out trouble tickets; and leaves us who trade markets where nobody else competes with IB (Like me) to just accept it and hope that the platform doesn't cost us too much money (because we all know it will cost us money).
  4. No problems here. TWS was sweet as a nut.

    The point it it's a 1st time poster wanting to warn about IB.

    Might be true but it seems to be a trait on ET for unknowns to post IB problems.

    That is a red flag to me.
  5. Lucrum


    Version 886.5 with java 1.6.0_13.

    Trouble free (as far as I can remember) for many months, hopefully I won't have to upgrade any time soon.
  6. Dear ButtonTrader Users,

    When IB released the new version 893.x of their TWS one item of the release notes slipped our attention (probably because it was not in the Beta notes).

    The option “Use negative numbers to bind automatic orders” is checked now by default instead of being not checked.

    This has severe implications for programs like ButtonTrader which use TWS's API.

    To continue using ButtonTrader without trouble we urgently ask you to perform the following steps:

    In the TWS main menu, select “Configuration”, then “API” and then “All API-settings…”. In the next window you will see a check box named “Use negative numbers to bind automatic orders” which is switched on by default. Please switch this OFF and click "Apply".
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    This e-mail is copied from the ButtonTrader-forum and was not intended to be posted in a public board (the ET-poster should have mentioned its original source and purpose, otherwise Moderators will do their job).

    It does not describe a bug in the sense of the OP: if you use TWS alone you will not have problems with this setting.

    You may run into problems when you enter orders via TWS and 3rd-party API-programs.
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    for last week or so i'm in direct contact with IB developers, reporting all those issues...i mean-20 emails a day,numerous direct phone calls between us..looks like they do work on them and they do listen. you can always contact DAV from IB here, on ET. i believe he is also work with developers. know, there is still plenty of work to do..everyday there is someting new pop up..i agree-we are all beta testers here and this madness should be stopped. you simply cannot satisfy every one,every request,implement evry feature,indicators...i don't know, why it's so hard for them to realize this
    compare it to MB-you get what you don't like it? go some place else..simple,light, basic platform with upgrade like once it 2-3 years..
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    My charts are not updating today (4/9). It's showing the current prices for everything, but the charts end on 4/8. I am drawing 1-wk charts with 30 min bars. Same problem if I switch to a shorter time frame. Same problem in both paper-trade and real $ accounts. Help!
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    globex charts NOT updateing here too....EUREX charts are working fine
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