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  1. a little while ago some guy opend a thread wanting to know
    "what his system was worth" at first i didn't toke it serious
    but after a while it made me think a bit..

    short story

    about 18 months ago a friend of mine gave me a call if
    i was interested in purchasing what he tought would be
    a great EOD system for trading german indices and their future's
    hoping to split the systems costs with me.
    as i only trade forex and i am pretty sceptical
    about so called "holy grail"systems so i have thanked him
    for the offer but told him i wasnt interested. about 1 month
    later he contacted me again telling me he had purchased this
    system 2 weeks ago but having problems coding it as the system
    came with a manual/discription only and asked me to give him
    a hand coding it. i agreed.

    it was a 30 page pdf file ( which could be reduced to 5-6 if
    you toke out all the candlepattern pictures )

    so he send me the file and i tried to make something of it but
    only managed to succesfully code the "long" side of the

    this may sound pretty amatauristic for you people who are
    coding for years but i dont consider myself to be a great
    programmer. the basic concept excist out of easy rules
    no "hightec"indicators pretty simple but the problems was on
    the algo side of the system.it excists out of patterns wich wehre
    specificly and only for the german indices with many different
    rules inside a "mayor"rule

    after completing the long side with stoplosses it had a
    amazing performance but was trading long only and therefor
    was only about 40% of the time in the market

    a month later i gave it another try as i seen it as a challenge
    to myself to complete this system;
    iafter a couple of weeks it was then finally trading long and short.

    i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the results
    of the first backtest as i had never
    seen a profitfactor of around 7 with 75% profitable trades rr 2,8:1 and 87% in the market, i have tried this system on all german indices TECDAX HDAX GDAX MDAX etc and their Future's performance was superb even if it was a little less for some

    as a small test to make sure it was robust enough i also tested
    it on intraday timeframes ( which wouldnt be prfitable after commissions on the small tf's ) but i could bent and twist whatever
    i wanted it kept beeing profitable altough it wasn't working on US

    i emailed the skript to my friend letting him know i had succes but he told me he now
    thought the system was focussing to much on "only" the german
    indices. hmmm ?? ( why he purchased it and what was he expecting ? )
    i told him about the performance the system was achieving
    but he said he lost interest; i couldn't believe my ears as i know
    how much he has payd for this system ????

    now over a year later the system is still in my software and once
    in a while i open it to remember meself this was my first big
    "coding"project and i felt good knowing i could code the
    system rules where others had their problems

    as i sayd i only trade forex and i am not planning trading
    this system altough it does make me a little dizzy everytime i
    open it

    it is a daily system, on the F-DAX it had a max DD of about 900
    points wich would need a 30-40K account to overcome this in
    worst time ( still under 10% max dd)

    for the last year since finishing the coding of the system it
    produced another 2700 index points in the DAX after
    3 point spread till today and 28000 index points since 1996

    the beauty about the system is all orders are this bar on close
    orders no limit order so positions
    are only entered at the end of the trading session and therefor
    could easily be tradet in the evening ( GMT+1 ) true etf's

    now i am litle confused about what to do with this system as it is
    gathering dust...

    i havent advertised with it nor did i write it in some kind of forum
    untill today

    i dont wish to go to collective2 or some kind of website with it
    as i dont want to put to much effort in it and i have put to much
    effort in it to please someone by giving it to him even if i dont
    use it myself


    maybe i should start doing some indices..

    makes me think if this wouldnt be better of in the Journals section ...

    if you find spelling failures you may keep them as english isn't my
    native language
  2. Batter up!!

    Wow this system sounds amazing. Are you offering to sell it? If your friend bought it , what was the name of the system and how much did he pay for it? What platform are you running it on?
    do you have some back test results to show?

    Cant wait to read more!!
  3. other DAX-underlyings showing simular results, no need to post
    them all i guess
    as for the FDAX my data ends january2008 therefore the late down
    move is unfortunally not included

    some results for these tree, profits expressed in indice-points

    net prof 24387
    profitfac 5.55
    nr trades 196
    % profitable 60.22%
    avg win/avg loss 3.78
    avg trade prof 124.43
    trading days 4805 days
    percent in market 81,33%

    net prof 25160
    profitfac 5.19
    nr trades 198
    % profitable 71.27%
    avg win/avg loss 2.10
    avg trade prof 127.07
    trading days 4805 days
    percent in market 85.14%

    net prof 18673
    profitfac 7.59
    nr trades 138
    % profitable 72.46%
    avg win/avg loss 2.88
    avg trade prof 135.32
    trading days 3506 days
    percent in market 87.48%




  4. made by tradestation no commissions included
    but it doesnt effect the systems much as
    avg profit/trade is pretty high and nr trades
    on the low side

    sorry but would not be very wise to anounce what has been
    payed for the ats considering i could decide to sell it myself one day
  5. Well, your system is almost as good as my HolyGrail ATS... :D
  6. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    Since someone gave it to you, the right thing to do would be to give it to someone else.

    You're not planning to sell what that belongs to someone else, are you?

    I'm sure that lots of folks here would be eternally grateful if you post the rules :)
  7. i would like to avoid the tought that i could possibly
    sell somiting which i am not the owner from as i have
    been given promision to do whatever is best in my interest
    with it.

    this ats didnt fall into my lapp wenn i was sleeping but costs
    me alot of effort to make it the way it is now.i even have
    recieved appologies for not sooner letting me know that the
    counterparty lost interest in it as it was commonly known that
    i was putting alot of free time in the scripting, therefore i do need see the
    need to give it away

    if the system will be sold or not is still hangin in the air
    as it still is something im proud about alltough i dont
    trade it meself because it doesn't fit my current needs
  8. So instead, you are here on EliteTrader, trying to hint that people should buy it from you, get some PMs, make some $$$...

    Is that about right?
  9. Banff01


    Why not give the sytem out for free since you don't seem to be interested in the money that it can make for you?

    Something stinks here... Ooops, must be all the BS! :)
  10. What goes around, comes around Dutchy... :p
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