Unnamed hedge fund in trouble

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Oct 5, 2008.

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    It's this guy who did the fraud

  2. Do the numbers match up, or is the unnamed fund a new one?
  3. Only one? There have to be dozens of hedge funds in trouble. Plenty of hedge funds have already shut down in 2008 and more will be shutting down in coming months.

    Here is one example: "Laurus Capital Management, which manages $1.6 billion and has posted nearly 16% annual returns since 2001, is shuttering an $800 million portfolio after its largest investor said it would withdraw $300 million."

    And here is another: "A $500 million activist European hedge fund run by Guy Wyser-Pratte, the New York arbitrageur, has slammed the door shut on investors trying to withdraw their funds in the latest signal that the shake-out hitting the sector is gathering pace. "

    And more: "About 350 funds shut down in the first half of the year, a number that may double by year-end, Hedge Fund Research reported. Among the biggest casualties is Dwight Anderson's New York-based Ospraie Management LLC, which is closing its $2.8 billion commodities fund after losses of almost 40 percent this year."
  4. Many are called few are chosen......