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  1. If you have an account with TOS, you can see two unmatching charts for the same underlying. In their own charts and the prophet charts they provide. (I have attached both charts), their chart is on the LHS and prophet charts on RHS. . look at TOS's own weekly chart of SPY, the 200,50, 20 moving averages are used, they don't match. for technical traders the 200ma is significant and in TOS chart it is still resistance as at this time of writing , and in prophetchart it was overcome it over a month ago. (both are weekly timeframe.) web based charts like google, yahoo and www.freestockcharts.com match the TOS charts and www.stockcharts.com matches prophetcharts, also shown in the attachment. This is very confusing. Which chart is suppose to be the most accurate for support and resistance interpretations?

    if both are accurate, for the data they use, which is the most popularly used, I reckon it is likely the stockcharts.com / prophet settings that are the most used, which do you use? the interpretations can be different, in this case 200ma.

    l have asked TOS and they said "Prophet charts are adjusted for dividends while TOS charts are not, so on certain weeks within the TOS charts you will see a different close than Prophet which would in turn affect the outcome of your SMAs"
    fair enough, but the high and lows of the week or any time frame should still be the same, no? look at the 2nd attachment of BRCM weekly chart, look at the red rectangles to mark the week 21/7/08 and data
  2. BRCM weekly chart
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    Let me tell you a secret. TOS data and charts are whack. Completely whack. If you're willing to take the time to question such things, then you are ready for better charts.

    You can get e signal EOD for 25 or 35 bucks a month. It's delayed data, but it's quality compared to thinkorswim.

    Also, you should use the $SPX for planning SPY trades support and resistance areas.
  4. google charts, yahoo charts, match TOS charts, prophet charts match www.stockcharts.com, so which one should you rely on, are they all wrong?? www.stockcharts.com , is used as a reference site for many a trader for technical charts. theyre suppose to have accurate data
  5. This reminds me of a famous maxim. "A man who has one watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches does not."
  6. lol, so which do you use? in my scans eg, TOS charts still has 200ma as resistance whereas in prophet charts , 200ma well overcome, TOS has support of freestockcharts, google and yahoo java charts, prophet charts has support of highly recommended stockcharts.com

    whos right?!
  7. My trading methods do not require charts, so I don't have the experience to have a favorite.