Unlimited ZERO commission trading for Stocks & Options

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How much are you currently paying commissions per month in your options trading

  1. $10 to $50 per month

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  2. $50 to $100 per month

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  3. $100 to $150 per month

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  4. > $150 per month

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  1. Ashok Yarlagadda

    Ashok Yarlagadda Sponsor

    Backtesting and trading strategy platform Key2Options announced today its integration with Tradier Brokerage, the cloud-based financial services company. The partnership allows Key2Options customers to make an unlimited amount stock and options trades without fees and commissions.

    "Key2Options was started on the basis of two fundamental beliefs. We wanted to create simplicity and value," said, Ashok Yarlagadda, CEO of Key2Options. "We have a simple trader friendly platform that lets traders backtest and create trading strategies without programming and remove emotion from trade execution. This integration creates unparalleled value for our traders as they do not have to worry trade commissions."

    Tradier CEO Stephen Ehrlich echoed that statement.

    “Key2Options joined forces with Tradier Brokerage to make options trading more accessible to a larger trader community. Investors can now create a plan and trade a plan without having to worry about paying per trade," said Ehrlich.