Unless Republicans Are Stupid/incoherent, Mittens Would Be Defeated

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  1. For the sake of derivation/analysis, let us assume that the republican voters as a population group are not stupid/incoherent (An assumption that appears to be true, or at least there is no overwhelming reason to reject it) . In 2008, the republicans concluded that Mitt Romney is worse than McCain. Since the latter was soundly defeated by the then very inexperienced Obama, by implication Mitt Romney (according to republican voters only) would be more than soundly defeated by an even more experienced and Presidential Obama.

    The above is an analysis not a prediction.
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    Two important factors not included. One is the widespread dissatisfaction among the left that Obama has not been (effectively) left enough. Two is Koch brother campaign spending at the state and local level.
  3. why in the world would you assume that? at least half of all republicans think there is an invisible man in the sky that watches over them and this invisible man made the universe 6000 years ago.