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    Hello boys and girls!

    Welcome to my blog, where i'd love to share my experience in daytrading US stocks, swing trading EU/RUS/US stock markets and some investment holdings, mainly dividend and for 3+ years, that feed my two lovely cats :) Maybe not all of them i'll show, coz of tiny liquidity of some holdings, but i hope to share as much as possible + have some smart conversations.

    Few words about me: i live in EU, ENG in not my native language, I have been studying finance&financial management in several countries, been working many different dirty and hard jobs during my teenage and young years etc. etc.

    So, feel free to follow and comment your thoughts ^_^
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    Welcome, We can't wait for this to get started! excellent subject line too.
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    are you Chinese
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    Hello guys! So sorry for being not able to answer, i got sick :( but it feels better and tomorrow is goig to be a 1st daytrading day :) i hope so ))

    ps. nope, im not Chinese.

    pss. im going to watch England-Belgium game in Russia on 27th, i guess , so, it's gonna be only 7-8 trading days for me in June, but lets start smooth and without any aggressive moves as i see US stock market kinda stuck between levels and quarter reporting is over, so, not much fun.
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    So, here we go ^_^

    Day trading
    Start capital is 3721,79$ + some ''other'' money just for being able to avoid pdt rule in US.
    15-22 June (6 days traded)
    10 240 sh. traded
    gross profit +5,52 BPS
    # of losers 13 (39,4%)
    # of winners 20 (60,6%)
    ratio avg. winner to avg. loser = 1,69
    net ROI is 11,4%

    My opinion: Nice week with only 1 day out of 6 was red. However, i'm not satisfied with avg. win vs avg. lose ratio, it might be a sign that i do not take full potential from my winners. I believe 3,5+ would be a lovely ratio, while my accuracy was 60,6% that seems ok, but again, my target is above 70% here :) need to work a lot here!

    Invesments/swing trading
    Yesterday i bought MBT (nyse) 1200 sh. @ 8,52 (but got somewhat 8,515 inside the spread) for dividends + it is going to be my 4th time with this russian telecom stock for growth somewhat btw 10-12$; I aim at 25-40% return within 6-9 months. Also looking for OGZD (london) Gazprom's div + growth, let's see if it hits my 'buy levels', then i'm in but for now 4.2-4.3 is too much.

    Next week i'll be able to trade only on Monday and that's sad, but football is calling ! ^_^

    Smile everyday :)
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    "gross profit +5,52 BPS"

    Do you mean 552 basis points ?

    What sort of leverage (if any) are you employing ?

    Good results, well done.
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    Hi! Nice to see you here :)

    I would say 'Ciro's basis points' :D 1 BPS = gross money earned divided by lot size i'm taking into each trade. That is made for comparison purpose, coz money ratio might be tricky, but whenever i will double/triple etc. my trading size in one trade - it will show precise returns that allows to judge my profitability in line with other metrics.

    About leverage - currently i take 1 lot per trade for stocks in 25-110 $ range, that is hard to manage position (basically u cannot do so) and paying x2,5+ commission fees from normal one. So, it is from 2 500 to 11 000$ capital employed on a single trade. I am OK to risk with 3721,79$ - that is the capital to manage. Technically i do not take any leverage as my acc is 30k$+ , but as i said - available for daytrading is 3721,79$ and therefore i take leverage from 0 to 3 times :)

    Today i decided to check where is my place on "Kaliningrad arena" stadium... and was a bit disappointed coz i've paid 210$ for best available category on FIFA webpage and got almost the worst possible seat from that category. I have attached a pic where yellow circle is my sector i've got in ticket.
    But after all, in the end of my life - will i regret for poor seat on football game or not having last iphone? Nope! So, life is good !

    Smile everyday :)

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    June is over for me in sense of trading. Today +0,93 BPS. Lost tons of opportunities, BUT it's better to end up the month green than red, right?

    Now it's time to pack luggage and go for small holiday (6 days @ WC2018 RUS). Pic. later on...

    Smile everyday :)
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    Day trading

    2-6 July (4 days traded)
    4 400 sh. traded
    gross profit -0,23 BPS
    # of losers 8 (50%)
    # of winners 8 (50%)
    ratio avg. winner to avg. loser = 0,92
    net ROI is -1,8%

    My opinion: Harsh week for me. Just came from holiday. As the US market had a day off in the middle of the week... market was weird for me. Nevertheless, i made few big mistakes and my result reflects it fully :) That week was poor! BUT it is new week - new opportunities. Let's focus and stay disciplined! :)

    Invesments/swing trading
    I'll keep my investment into MBT (nyse). Received dividends about 0,63$ net on a stock. Nothing to say as the week was full of real (local) business problems that i and my team was trying to solve. It seems successfully, but tons of stress.

    Smile everyday :)
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    Day trading

    9-13 July (5 days traded)
    10 200 sh. traded
    gross profit +1,02 BPS
    # of losers 18 (50%)
    # of winners 18 (50%)
    ratio avg. winner to avg. loser = 1,21
    net ROI is -0,6%

    My opinion: it was good and profitable week before Friday 13th came :D well, half of the # of losers were made today. Today i also faced some bad emotions, coz it was about +2 BPS for the week and i was aiming to do some 0,5+ BPS, but finished as it is...
    net roi is slightly negative because of the fees i pay. As i trade with 1 lot, it is x2,2 expense from normal commission rate. But we will stay strong and all in all i need to gain +9,78 BPS net. As this goal reached - i will move to 150 shared :)
    Next week is the last week i trade in July as i leave for rest in Odessa, Ukraine on Black sea. Let's hope i can make 6 BPS+ next week. And yeap, im going to miss out hot report season.

    Invesments/swing trading
    Received dividends from PLZL (London).

    Week was also busy + my family came from Milan (ITA) & tomorrow going to go to Sweden for fishing. So, traveling season :)

    Smile everyday :)
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