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    Could anybody tell me about that Company? They've the brokerage firm and teaching. Mostly they do in futures and Commodity. I'm thinking about to attend the class they're offer. Thanks.
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    They are known to have the best trading classes in Chicago. Also, the owner, Mickey Hoffman knows everyone on both floors. A lot of people that take the classes and stick around to get to know Mickey end up getting trading jobs out of it.
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    Thanks for the info, very nice.
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    I have taken classes from Mickey at University of trading and would recommend them to anyone who wants to succeed in trading. Mickey is a tremendous teacher and motivator. Good Luck!!
  5. Shamrock... just finished reading "When Supertraders Meet Kryptonite". He is one of the interviewees... as u may know.

    How did you happen to get involved with him? Do you have to be on the (cme) exchange floor or does he accept screen/off floor traders The book mentions how he trains traders who clear through UOT Financial Services...


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    Thanks for the advice. What kind of courses did you take? My problem is I live in Philly. UOT courses are 3 consecutive weeks. I’d like to take Real Time Trading Course.
    I'm trading E-mini for my individual account and stocks for my IRA account.
    I’m losing money because I don’t honor my stop loss and doing losing average. Maybe I need to improve my discipline. Any advice? I'm thinking about place the stop as soon as I got fill.

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    Does anyone know if the one day seminar is currently available (at a VERY reasonable price) for the novice?
  8. If you find your trades are approaching your stops quickly and you find it necessary to average then it's fairly straight forward that you lack patience on your entries. This is exactly the problem I had when I began trading. What I did was take the first two triggers in a sim account and the third in a real account. Once I developed the patience I needed I tossed the sim account. Sometimes you need a crutch to help you walk before you can walk on your own. Give it a shot.

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    I took their introductory course several years ago and didn't learn anything. The spend several hours talking about hindsight trading and then at the very end of the course they try to get you to sign up with some Forex broker.

    I spoke to this guy Mickey Hoffman, but in my opinion he didn't know anything more that what I already knew. He avoided my calls several days after the intoductory course I took, probably because he didn't want to talk to someone that knew as much or more than he did.

    Mickey seemed like a nice guy, but there was obviously he had some agenda to try and get you to sign up with this Forex broker.

    I would stay away from these guys.
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    What's their website?

    I've looking for some serious training on futures trading -- can anyone recommend a honest firm? If you've been trained and is profitable is a big plus.

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