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    My daughter whose SAT score is around 2200-2300 was accepted by USC for major in Environmental Studies but not sure if its a good place for her in terms of its academic standing, environmental safety (partying/alcoholism/drugs), etc.... From what I read so far, from and I'm not too keen on her getting in. BTW she was rejected by UC Berkeley,Duke, Dartmouth, Tufts but accepted by all the UK colleges which include University College London, Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester. We're from an Asian country and would be somewhat conservative. Anyone's comments will be much appreciated.
  2. she's in the 99th percentile on the SAT and got rejected from all those schools? she must have bombed on the interview or lacked something. berkeley usually accepts the 90th percentile
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    Umm, welcome to college.
  4. I was a environmental land use consultant for a few years and I can tell you that people who make money in this field are on the side of the polluters and wetland destroyers. Bad field to be in, if you are an honest person.
  5. What about Smith, Wellesley, Colby, Bryn Mawr, Holyoke, Sarah Lawrence et al. She'll be "de-flowered and corrupted" at any school she attends. :(
  6. Which other college did she get into besides USC?(I mean US unis)

    I see you are from Singapore. I know many Singaporeans back from my days at Cornell, they were known as the A-team for their ability to score A's throughout LOL...

    You probably have nothing to worry about, the Singaporean community I knew were a tightly knit group who were very serious about their work and seldom attended parties and stuff....
  7. Best public school in the nation:
    But then I might be biased. :D

    A very small example of the student body, Kelly Carrington...
  8. USC ES degree will be a very expensive 4 years for a job that will pay high school clerk wages.
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