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    There are some colleges that have a trading room for the students to learn the market with real world data. Did anyone try them? Are they helpful? Do they offer practical knowledge to the students?

    The colleges that I know have such facilities are:

    Illinois Institute of Tech
    Bentley College(MA)
    Oklahoma State Univ
    Penn State Univ
    Univ of Texas at Austin
    City Univ of New York
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    Illinois Institute of Tech

    I have heard alot of good things about them.
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    My recollection from my Merc days .... IIT was either the first or one of the first to offer a certificate program in conjunction with the Merc educational programs. I attended these pre-certificate daya and they were good to very good. The Merc always had strong ties to the University of Chicago but they (at the time) lacked a more hands on training partner. IIT seemed to fill the gap at the time very well ....
  4. There's also some universities or tech colleges with a trading room run by students for students only while not sponsored by the university...

    University of Illinois
    Florida State University
    West Virginia
    University of Texas
    University of Minnesota

    and a university in Canada.

    There's more in North America...I just can't remember them all.

    My source was via a friend that went back to college to get his MBA and I believe he got the info from some online college forum.

    Also, I'm not sure if there's a requirement that the student be a MBA or an undergrad in business school or related academic.

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    Indiana University MBA program as well.
  6. Syracuse University gots one too.
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    McMaster University in Canada.
  8. I've heard about those.

    All I know is that all of these 'student run' funds are losing their asses in the market. It's really funny when the students go on CNBC and tout whatever they own, sounding just like analysts. What gets me is even with all that education and all the money put into the fund and their training, they still lose money.
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  10. I don't know about those "student run funds" on CNBC or student investment clubs that are interveiwed by CNBC...

    but the Universities I mentioned were about "student run trading centers".

    Not investment funds or investment clubs.

    In fact...I think most universities in North America have those "investment" groups or clubs.

    I was under ther impression that the thread was about trading groups or trading centers.

    Such trading groups or trading centers is not common at most universities.

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