Universal laws

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  1. Gann said that the market follows natural laws.

    He also said that time cycles decide when price will change, right?

    Soooo..can you view the totality of the market as a radio station broadcasting on a particualar frequency? I guess so...hmm

    What did he mean with "Tunnel through the air" ?
    Radio waves i suppose..

    Just some thoughts..:)
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    Gann talked a lot like Jack Hershey. No one could ever understand what the heck he was talking about.
  3. Did he ever make any money?
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    Gann and Hershey are similar in this regard. They both had devoted followers and were accused of being over-rated gurus. See for example http://searchwarp.com/swa66057.htm

    As for Hershey, I presume you've seen the posts that pop-up here from time-to-time, pointing out his many failings.
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    Natural laws are in this case represented by astronomical laws. They influence all existence. This is the general theory.

    From what I do know empirically and scientifically these cycles are not regular but their period also expands and shrinks. "Tunnel through the air" is about astronomical influences. There is a picture of a belt with airplanes moving in its range - this is the imaginary belt in which range the planets are actually moving from Earth point of view. Some of the airplanes are in the belt, some of them - outside.

    From what I do understand Gann was obliged to veil his language because of his affiliations. As always in such cases he is giving just a hints. On the cover there is a diagram with circle and square - these are planets aspects. They can be represented also geometrically.

    From what I read about Gann there is a high probability his achievements are true if you rely on Wickoff's interview in Stock Market Barometer.

    Now, some people are born with more skills for trading, some for analysis, some for both, this is because of aspects. I don't know the Gann's aspects but probably he was born with more of these skills.

    About whether he made money: to be sure you have to get his bank records. ;)

    From facts which cannot be fully verified but probably are true he had the first private airplane, etc. Most probably he was made famous because of Wyckoff interview and then got a lot of paid subscribers to his course. One fact I mentioned is in some period at 20-30's the tax laws were such that he had to have offshore account(s). Probably the airplane was needed for some other cause. This is hard to verify though.

    "50 Years on Walls St." is another book. There you can find a simplified common sense "natural laws".