Universal Health care for Americans ??

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    "....Individuals and families would be required to purchase insurance and would face penalties ranging from $750 to $3,800 for not complying.

    However, those at the lower end of the income ladder and who aren't on Medicaid would receive federal tax subsidies to defray the cost.

    Under the bill, the subsidies – i*n the form of a refundable tax credit* -- would flow to individuals and families with incomes up to 300% of the federal poverty level. For those with incomes from 300% to 400% of the poverty level, the bill would cap annual insurance premiums at 13% of income. Liberal critics say that level is too large and would expose middle-income families to big new expenses....


    *refundable tax credit - means many low income are forced to pay the fine as they do not the money to pay first.*
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    I don't understand the importance being attached to all this ludicrous health reform by the Admin.. except in a context of Marx, who said that the most important first step to takeover of a culture is the takeover of the health care system... 85-90% of people in the US legally are happy with their health care... and who cares about the illegals except the Catholic Church or Democrats or whoever their big political patrons are.. hey Catholics, if you want to live out your religion, do it on your own fu%^ing dime, ok?

    None of this Federal stuff is going to work, nothing else they do works.. why expect any of this krap to work? It will turn into a big unionized mess like public education where no matter how much money you throw at it, it sucks...

    If there was a complete takeover, doctors would not have a money incentive to work hard, or long, which they now do... and there aren't enough doctors to cover the extra 30-45 million that Obama keeps mentioning. The numbers change over time as he pretends to exclude illegals from the program. He and the major Dems set it up so all they have to do is lie and they can get free treatment for anything... checks to see if a person is a citizen before issuing benefits or voting is... so invasive of privacy!!

    To hell with all this garbage, maybe the insurance companies and Republicans can burn this socialist garbage up and toss it in the trash... 2010 baby, undo it all in 2010...
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    By then it will be too late because the vote-mongering democrats will scream how the republicans are trying to take away their healthcare entitlement.

    What we really need is a means test for the right to vote.

    Fuck this every man vote shit. The founding fathers restricted that right to freeholders for a damned good reason.
  4. Do you have a reference for this?

    I am not a big fan of socialism, but I really think you are making this up as you go along.
  5. Surely not. Let's not allow facts to get in the way of a good dose of hysteria.
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  8. jprad wrote "The founding fathers restricted that right to freeholders for a damned good reason."

    Totally agree. You own land? You vote. No land? No vote.
    Give the vote to Combat Vets if they don't own land.
    Those with a "vested interest" in the country should run it.
    Everyone else can stand by and watch.
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    Obama wants UNIVERSAL COVERAGE. Does this mean UNIVERSAL ACCESS?

    I think not.

    Many low-income (poor may be a more accurate word) will be forced into
    "low-cost" plans that comes with high copay and high deductible. This makes care inaccessible if one cannot afford the copay.

    Obama's plan gives insurance company a windfall (more subscribers) but
    makes things more difficult for poor people. Congress is catering to
    the insurance companies. This bill hurts, not help many who need ACCESS to
    health care.
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    So BO Pelosi and Company are not about helping anyone up to this point.. why start now? They are about getting ever more power, destroying all that is good about America, overwhelming the culture with payments for services that cannot be met and the resulting inflation...

    They have been "helping" blacks by suing the private sector which makes blacks completely unemployable in the private sector so they have to work for the public sector or get welfare and subsidize their income with crime... but they sell blacks the idea that they don't have the income because of racism... and sell blackie and whitey the idea that blacks are inferior on the television all day every day..

    They have been "helping" us all with unfunded mandates that are barely under way and are crippling the economy already...

    They have been "helping" States with their education systems by giving them massive funding.. with strings attached.. that turn the schools into Socialist indoctrination centers.. they were graduating people that could not read their diplomas only a couple of decades back...

    They have been "helping" the poor with the War on Poverty.. so why is there more poverty after 50 years of that shit?

    The have been "helping" refugees from the Central and South American wars against communism.. by bringing them here.. and leaving the borders wide open as well... which leads to Illegals overrunning the job market and the services...

    At least if the Health Care Reform can be turned into corporate welfare the money will circulate in the US...
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