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  1. Hey guys I'm in the process of searching for a good prop firm for trading equities. I came across UnitedTraders which seems to be a Russian prop firm. This is the link to their page in English: https://unitedtraders.com/en/. There is not much out there about them in English. I liked the fact that they offer 20:1 leverage with just a 1k deposit. Do you guys know anything about them? If so please share. Thanks.
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  2. Arrogant punks...but you should try, they really trade.
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  4. Thanks. So their prop firm is legit?
  5. 100%
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    what makes you think they want to deal with Americans? most foreign firms because of regulatory issues will not.
  7. That makes sense but if they are legit it could be a nice option for non-US traders.
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    Tried to make a deposit with Russkies via wire and Visa. They held my money for 20 days then my bank recalled the wire, then I paid with Visa and they still couldn't fund my account lol even though my bank okay'd it.

    Seems a strange setup, anyone with them?Cygroup still closed? Or any prop firm recommendations for under 25k???
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    Wire went through second time, must include intermediary bank! Anyway Aurora platform good and cheap accepts non US citizens, customer service very good.