United States Proposes Issuing Tax Refunds In Form of Treasury Notes (IOUs)

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  1. This will piss China off, not gonna happen. But with the amateur in chief in charge anything is possible. I wonder at what end of the yield curve these would be issued at? The best part was: Together these moves would increase savings participation for this group of workers to 80% from 15%, according to White House estimates. But the plan's cost is $59.6 billion over the next 10 years, which has rankled congressional Republicans worried about growing deficits. Increasing savings and increasing the deficit at the same time, only could be pulled off by these clowns in the white house.
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    Can you say "Ponzi"?
  3. Saving tax refunds: To make it easier for those owed tax refunds to save, the IRS will allow tax filers in 2010 to recoup their refund by issuing U.S. savings bonds.


    It says, "Will allow". Does not say "Manditory". This is by choice as it reads. So, if the Tax Payer want's gov bonds..so be it. As long as we have the choice. I have payed a boat load in taxes so far this year......as long as I have a Choice Im fine with the above.

    As long as the changes "Will Allow" X and not make X manditory, it's no big deal.

    Consumer spending will NOT return to the levels of the last decade. So, might as will give the Sheeople a choice on what to do with their tax returns.
  4. This one is chicken shit compared to the guy in Washington with filing cabinet full of treasury bonds that constitute the social security trust fund

    Im glad Im 50
    I might be dead before this whole stupid thing blows up
  5. Since when has Gubmint language of "will allow" never morphed into "it is mandatory" ?
  6. This is the culmination of 2 decades of republican rule all beginning with Reagan.

    A immoral regime formula of removing all organic revenues into the treasury, increasing GDP with WAR spending, and financing it all with IOU's

    The culmination of allowing unamerican, immoral, unchristian snakes leaders to use guns,god and gays as the primary electoral issues. Supported by the illiterate foot soldier of the IMMORAL MINORITY.

    It's time to pay the piper for the rest of us who have succumbed to asshole fatigue and let these maggots do whatever they want.

    We need to go out and counter these assholes where ever they are. Right now it's their retarded tea-bagging and illiterate monkey vocalizations in the town hall meetings. We need to boycott Fox and every one of their propaganda outlets.

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    Just wait until the FDIC goes broke, this is what you will get for your "deposit insurance" as well.
  9. I lived in the "Mike Dukakis" Peoples Replublic of Massachusetts - you have no idea how this will go...my guess is that it will be that you have the "option" to chose NOT to get the bonds/notes and NOT the other way around - that Jane/Joe Taxpayer will have to OPT OUT of the bonds/notes. When I was in college in a state school in MA - you had to OPT OUT of not giving a left wing organization money - NOT OPT IN - it was part of the school tuition - PIRG was the name of the organization. In other words: The school would send you a bill with an amount that you "owed" on the bill....but, if you checked the box...you would owe LESS money - and PIRG would not get your money. Pretty sweet deal....if you were PIRG!!! I will guess that this is the way it will be with the taxes...oh, yeah, it will be easier for small/medium size businesses to opt you in...but, how about if you want to NOT get the bonds/notes?!?!

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