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  1. An American said to me that 200 million Americans are involved in pornography. Is this true?

    World Pornography is $200 Billion every year. If you view porn you are involved in pornography.

    Obama and George Bush graduated from Harvard. Why is America bankrupt?

    10,000 Rapes in 5 days. If USA rapes is 243 per day then world rapes is easily 3000 plus per day.

    2 years back, a woman was walking on the street and I heard 4 policemen standing on a street corner saying "insert her from behind".

    I read in forum that some policemen performed porn acts on a woman.

    Some months back I heard 2 men on a busy street say with gestures "this is how you put in her from behind. They have this"

    Be careful everybody. You do not know what world people talk about your family members when they walk on the streets or travel by cars or work in offices or go on vacations.

    Majority of internet servers and Google servers are located in USA but there is no serious actions from USA to shut down world porn.

    28 black men gang raped 11 year old Texas-girl. Yesterday a woman was gang raped and burnt alive. Another girl eyes was blinded when she tried to fight rape. There have been 6 rapes in 2 days in Indian state of UP. There must have been 10000 rapes in past 5 days worldwide.

    In other countries woman and girls are brutally raped and killed. Take the example of middle east where revolution is going on right now and there is no law and order.

    World sex crimes are highest since Obama became USA president. Obama is responsible for the safety of world people because internet servers and Google servers are located in USA. USA can shut down internet porn anytime they want but no actions from USA.

    Why did not George Bush and Obama destroy world pornography and prostitution on the first day of their job?

    George Bush should have ordered USA Army to join forces with Russian Army and destroy world useless people instead of fighting terrorists.

    Russian president and Obama is responsible for world sex crimes and other crimes because they are leaders of world' most powerful army.

    Obama joked that he is seeking a second term because he needs armed guards to keep boys away from his daughthers.

    My question: What about daugthers and sons of ordinary people who walk alone on the streets and many are victims of serious crimes?

    What about small children getting killed in Afghanistan and gulf wars?

    This is the reason God is punishing USA severely today with end-less financial crisis.


    Under President Barack Obama, the Justice Department has not filed a single new obscenity case anywhere in the country.


    Black's Response to 28 Black men Gang rape of 11 year old Texas girl

    White America stunned by black response to gang rape of eleven year old

    Photo Quanell X. This former crack dealer is a leader of the New Black Panther Party. His group wears paramilitary uniforms and says Allah will bring about the extermination of all white people in the near future.

    The actions of the black community in Cleveland, Texas, have been so despicable that even the most liberal black apologists are furious.

    As many as 28 black men aged 14-28 gang raped an eleven year old Hispanic girl. They videotaped the assault with multiple cameras. Video and camera stills were found circulating at several majority black public schools, including the Middle School attended by the victim.

    Then when police arrested the accused perpetrators, many in the black community defended them. A large rally was even held by the New Black Panther Party, which blamed the victim and white racists. Quanell X, a Black Panther leader, distributed a picture of the eleven year old victim and suggested that she enticed the men into raping her. He called the arrests of the accused perpetrators “racist.”

    Read more ............


    Obama's Close Friend Arrested In Prostitution Sting

    Bobby Titcomb Often Seen Spending Holidays With President. Titcomb usually spends the holidays with the president and his family when they spend time in Hawaii. He has been seen playing golf and attending picnics with the president

    The Honolulu Police Department confirmed that a close friend of President Barack Obama was arrested Monday in connection with a prostitution sting case.


    Birds of a feather flock together.

    5,200 Pentagon Employees Purchased Child Porn


    World people must be talking about Obama's family and George Bush's family in the same "porn language"

    When it comes to porn world people do not differentiate between President and Beggar.

    3 Billion people survive on $2 per day. World money is exhausted thanks to world leaders and financial idiots. World good people are terrified that their families will be hungry but brainless people are paying $200 Billion plus every year to porn. What does this mean?

    Obama, George bush and Pope should give a statement for world porn and prostitution immediately.

    If president and prime minister are not responsible for world crimes then who is responsible for this. Which "fantasy world" do presidents and ministers live in?

    To know your country the president should walk alone and not hide behind 10,000 bodyguards and police.

    If Obama can sign "kill order" for Osama then Obama can easily sign "kill order" for world porn and prostitution.

    God will forgive USA to some extent and 50% of USA sins will be wiped out.

    Indian state of UP is in India. India has serious problems. Read Indian media websites.

    The Pentagon’s newest policy grants the US military the ability to respond to a cyber attack on government networks with physical force – equating hacking to an act of war.


    Pornography is computer based attacks from a foreign country. The Army will respond with full physical force.

    If somebody sends porn pictures and porn & sex videos into your house to your family members, what will you do?

    Country is similar to a house and citizens are similar to family members.

    There are 192 countries and USA and Europe is responsible for majority of porn worldwide because internet servers are located in USA and Europe.

    The 4 policemen who used "porn language" were guarding the Indian parliament in New Delhi. If women are not safe 50 meters outside the parliament where there are some 2000+ police and army protecting it then where in the world is women safe?

    I think USA situation is similar to India because USA and India are good friends (according to Obama).

    I had visited New delhi 2 years back and I had to kill 8 hours that day so I started walking outside the Indian parliament. The 4 policemen were scared when I asked them "can I go inside the building". Later I was standing outside Indian president house and watching some monkeys feed on nuts.

    That day, I knew something is wrong with Indian leadership and today everybody knows what is going on with Indian leadership. Read Indian media websites. That day I walked 10 miles.

    Internet was invented by the USA Army in year 1969. I think internet arrived for world people in year 1985.

    Now Army will be angry since world people are using army's invention for useless purpose. Army will respond with full physical force.

    When dogs mate or have sex on the streets, they are attacked by other dogs. The same applies to other animals and human beings.

    If people have sex outside their rooms, they will be attacked by other people. Sex with your loyal partner should be behind closed rooms only (God's rule/law).

    All the world porn pictures and sex videos will be destroyed by fire anytime. Stay away porn and prostitution or you will be burned badly by Fire.

    75% of American movies and world movies have nudity and sex. Movies is one of the biggest reason for the spread of nudity and sex worldwide before internet arrived. Useless movies must be banned immediately.
    Movie actions are fake and they require many re-takes/trials to get the perfect shot. Movie stars know they will not die in movies.

    Real life actions are 100% different from movie world (fantasy world). Watch some wars videos and you will understand this. In real world there no guarantee for your life when you fight. How can you finish 10 years of life story in 2 hours movies. People spend 10 hours in toilet in their 10 years of life. This is the reason movie people have no knowledge of real world and they cannot survive in harsh real world.

    If you want to fight then fight in real life against injustice and evils and sins of the world society. Forget movies.
  2. Let's see... Current US population is smth like 311 million. Do you think it could be true that almost 2/3 of the entire population is involved in porn?
  3. I agree. But the source is reliable.

    How many aliens or outsiders are there in USA?

    How many tourists and travellers visit USA everyday. They must be using USA IP address.
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  5. The majority of internet traffic is pornography, and probably over three quarters of the male population with access to it, use it, so there's going to be a hell of a lot of murderers and rapists in the near future. In fact, that's pretty much all society is going to consist of.

    According to statistics, 40% of visitors to porn sites are women.


    Every second $5000 or $158 Billion per year (Porn industry)

    1) 12% of the websites on the internet are pornographic, that's 24,644,172 sites

    2) 25% of all search engine requests are porn related.

    3) Every second, $3,075.64 is spent on pornography. Every second 28,258 internet users are veiwing porn.

    4) 40 million americans are regular visitors to porn sites. 1 in 3 porn viewers are women (ok, this surprises me).

    5) The entire worldwide porn industry is worth $4.9 billion. In the US, internet porn is worth $2.84 billion.

    6) 2.5 billion emails per day are pornographic.

    7) 35% of all internet downloads are porn related.

    "sex", "adult dating", "porn" are the most popular search terms.

    9) Utah has the nation's highest online porn subscription rate per thousand home broadband users at 5.47 (Utah? Home of mormons?)

    10) 34% of internet users have received unwanted porn.

    11) There are 116,000 searches for "child porn" every day (now, that's evil).

    12) The average age at which a child first sees porn online is 11.

    13) 20% of men admit to watching porn online at work. Likewise, 13% of women do (really?)

    14) The least popular day of the year for viewing porn is Thanksgiving. The most popular day of the week for viewing porn? Sunday.

    Source: huffingtonpost.com
  6. Easily.
  7. The article states if you view porn, you're involved in the porn industry. So, 2/3 seems about right. Who here hasn't seen a porn flick? [​IMG]
  8. Well, if you put it that way, I guess it could be plausible. So I decided to do a wee calculation...

    According to the US Census (2000 data), the proportion of the US population that's aged 0 - 14 and 75+ is about 25.75%. Using that percentage and the current total, we can exclude arnd 80.1 million people (or can we?). Assuming 200 million of the remaining group are "involved in porn" implies that 86.6% of all adult Americans (men and women, excluding seniors) "do it", so to speak. Does that sound realistic?
  9. >>200 million Americans are involved in pornography

    200 million Americans can't be wrong!
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    I can believe almost all men check out naked pictures of women... but I wonder about the percentage of women.

    Why would my wife have want to check out porn?.... just kidding.
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