United Nations Wants to Tax You!

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  1. United Nations Wants to Tax You!
    Written by Nathan Tabor
    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    Tax time is behind us now, and most American citizens would be happy not to have to think about the taxman’s hand in their pockets for another year. The IRS today is out of control. There are over 30,000 pages of tax code, and it takes an accountant or a tax service to file your taxes.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could simplify the tax code and eliminate the IRS? Good news! The United Nations wants to do that for us. This creates another problem, however. The UN wants to create it’s own global IRS. Yes, you read that right – the UN wants to control and impose a wide array of taxes, and ultimately to tax even your income.

    That’s because the UN has its sights set on becoming a bona fide global government within the next few years. According to “the most trusted man in America,” the famous CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite, “We must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a World Government.”

    Any sovereign government must have the money to finance its operations. As long as the UN has no independent source of funding, it has no more status than a beggar or a charity case. But once it can collect taxes as a matter of international law, and no longer has to rely on the voluntary contributions of nation states, the UN will quickly emerge as a global ruling authority with its own overpowering military force.

    “Once the United Nations has independent financing, and an adequate stream of revenue to maintain its own standing army, it will be the world government that has been the dream of globalists for the entire century,” insists UN expert Henry Lamb.

    Back in 1972, Yale economist James Tobin proposed that the UN impose a tax of 0.05 percent on all foreign currency exchange transactions. Now nearly $300 trillion is exchanged annually on open currency markets around the world. Dollars are sold for British Pounds. Japanese Yen are converted to Euros. If such a tax were imposed on all international currency transactions today, the UN would rake in $1.5 TRILLION per year – or about 100 times its current annual budget.

    In 1993, the Ford Foundation produced a report called “Financing an Effective United Nations,” which recommended that the UN should also have the authority to tax international airline traffic, shipping, and arms sales. Then in 1995, the UN-funded Commission on Global Governance suggested that the UN should collect levies from those who use "flight lanes, sea lanes for ships, ocean fishing areas, and the electromagnetic spectrum." Global taxation zealots also smell a powerful opportunity in the Internet. In 1999, the UN’s “Human Development Report” called for a tax of “one U.S. cent on every 100 lengthy emails.” The tax, proponents say, would "raise funds that would be spent to narrow the ‘digital divide’ between rich and poor" nations.

    The “Millennium Declaration” affirmed that the UN has the right to extract resources from wealthy nations such as the U.S.A., partly through taxing fossil fuels like aviation fuel, gasoline, coal, oil and natural gas. Such a tax would combat global warming, while the revenue could be redistributed to poorer nations. But this Carbon Tax would drive up the price of gas for cars and trucks, home heating fuels, plastics, and countless other products for consumers worldwide.

    All of these tax schemes are still in the works today. The “Tobin tax” remains the first step favored by globalists who want to establish the legitimacy of the UN as a worldwide taxing authority. But according to Rep. Ron Paul, “The ultimate goal is an income tax, which will be imposed after we’ve swallowed the idea of UN taxing authority.”

    The burden of all taxation falls on both taxpayers and consumers. It’s time for the U.S. taxpayers to host a Boston Tea Party for the United Nations.

    About the Writer: Nathan Tabor is a conservative political activist based in Kernersville, North Carolia, where he owns a successful small business, and was a recent candidate for Congress. Nathan receives e-mail at nathan@nathantabor.com.

  2. When the federal government defaults, this amount becomes payable.

    05/30/2006 $8,343,987,357,176.86


    The tax collectors that will be knocking on your door to collect your share of the debt will probably be accompanied by UN troops in blue helmets.
  3. Good, having trained UN troops when I was in the armed forces I can say with 100% certainty that I can take at least 50 of them out before they get me. Its when they start sending Marines that I will get nervous. :D
  4. You're just posting this article for laughs, right? You're not seriously believing this crackpot writer's unsubstantiated claims?

    Funny in a way, but when you start to think there's people who take this stuff seriously one has to start wondering...
  5. misha7


    The article is a bigger lunacy than even the 'Da Vinci code' :D :D
  6. How can fiction be lunacy?
  7. misha7


    Well I believe D Brown states on the first page of his book that all the historical "facts" are correct.
    Anyway, both the article and the book are fiction, I agree on that :D
  8. im going to move to mars. i know they dont have a UN there.
  9. YET!
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