United Kingdom Outlook Cut to Negative at Standard & Poors

Discussion in 'Economics' started by makloda, May 21, 2009.

  1. I don´t like Standard & Poor(s), but this time they are dead on ! :D
  2. That's the good thing about the Euro.

    Lots of countries to cut before it get's priced into the market.:)
  3. Cutten


    Gotta love S&P - triple A ratings on toxic mortgage junk ninja & liar loans at the peak of the biggest housing bubble in western history, yet they think G7 sovereign debt has higher default risk. Have they heard of taxation?

    These clowns were downgrading JGBs throughout the biggest bull market in the history of government bonds. Why anyone pays a single cent to this worthless institution is beyond me.

    And yeah, the UK was an obvious short oh, about 12-18 months ago, where was S&P then?