United Capital Markets pins redemption halt on investor concerns; sources cite subpri

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  1. Hey man I know you are real keen to see an implosion but from my experience in OZ I still think you will be disappointed. We had a massive ramp up in prices but with less subprime and the prices never really crashed and now just a few years later we are looking at new highs so I woud be careful about predicting anything more than a rash of problems as interest rates are simply TOO LOW to cause massive damage
  2. zdreg


    unless you are looking for a black swan.
  3. there seems to be a lot of these black swans about at the moment.

    these event are suppose to occur only once in 500 years but they seem to occur about every 5 years at the current rates of crises that develop.
  4. Here´s a really interesting topic :

    Sharp Drop in Securities Loans

    By Tony Crescenzi
    RealMoney.com Contributor
    7/2/2007 1:11 PM EDT
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    New data released late Friday by the Federal Reserve indicate that the amount of monies extended by U.S. commercial banks for purchasing and carrying securities has been falling very sharply of late, clearly suggesting that investors engaged in risky bets have recently been pushed out of the market. The information is included in the weekly data on bank credit, which measures the amount of monies extended by U.S. commercial banks via loans, leases and securities purchases. The data are seasonally adjusted.

    In the week ended June 20, bank credit extended for purchasing and carrying securities fell $20 billion to $284.4 billion. Six weeks ago, the tally was a record $331.3 billion. The six-week decline is the steepest for any six-week period dating back to December-January 2004.

    Take care amigos...maybe some credit crunch going on

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  5. Well where is the money coming from for the recent rally? Out of their mattresses?
  6. so you assummed that meant buying stocks.

    securities means a variety of products including some commodities.

    why are people obsessed with the market meaning the stock market.

    their happens to be a bond market and also a fx market.
  7. Are you fucking joking? Australia is a turd on the shoulder of a country like the US or England...if your market doesn't crash it's because there is health in the rest of the world.

    The two markets are completely different as are their respective citizens and their reactions to different situations.

    I'm not in anyway saying the US is better, but clearly trying to use what happened in Aus to the US is a fucking loser's puzzle....befitting of you I guess. :D